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10 July 2014


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Thursday 10 July 2014 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 25

This psalm is a plea for protection from personal enemies. The psalmist asks for guidance and forgiveness and to be taught God’s way and truth.

2 Chronicles 23: 18 – 24: 14

While Jehoiada the priest is alive King Joash (whose reign is 40 years) is faithful and rules well. He orders a tax be levied throughout Judah for the restoration of the temple. At first his orders are not followed but he convinces the Levites and they set up a chest before the temple. The restorations begin. Jehoiada dies an old man.

John 4: 16 – 26

Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well continue their conversation. He tells her to call her husband and come back. She tells the truth – that she has no husband. He says that she is honest, has had many husbands and is now in a relationship with someone else’s husband. She admits this is so and recognises Jesus as a prophet. She then talks with him about where one is to worship God – the idea that God belongs to a place. He explains that all our understandings will change, that the Jews are the path to salvation but God is spirit and the time will come when we will worship in spirit and truth anywhere and everywhere. She then says that she knows about the Messiah who, when he comes will proclaim all things to the people. Jesus says, “I am he” (v. 26).

Collect for Morning Prayer

Lighthouse Bussleton - bring boat safely to the Jetty
WA 2014 L Osburn

God of love and guidance, you guided and taught King David, provided young King Joash with a trusted guide Jehoiada and sent your Son Jesus to guide people of all nations to you and to truth. Guide us this day in all we do, so that we use our abilities and energies in our families and communities to do your will, and bring your peace and love to all through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen.

Thursday 10 July 2014
Evening Prayer

Psalm 27

“The Lord is my light and salvation: whom shall I fear?”  The psalmist seeks God’s face and God’s path and ends with “Wait for the Lord: be strong and let your heart take courage: wait for the Lord.”

Ezekiel 17

Ezekiel uses a riddle and an allegory of the two eagles. It tells the saga of the exile of the King to Babylon and the failure of the caretaker King Zedekiah, to honour the treaty made with the Babylonians. As far as Ezekiel’s prophecy is concerned Zedekiah’s breaking of the treaty is despising God’s oath and breaking God’s covenant. Babylon will respond and Zedekiah will find himself destroyed. God will choose another, from the house of David to be the anointed one and bring all creatures, not just the Jews, under God’s care.

Galatians 3: 27 – 4: 7

Paul makes it clear that once we are baptised in the Spirit and we are clothed in Christ we are heirs to God’s promise to Abraham. There is no division Jew/Greek, slave/free or man/woman. Just like little children who are heirs to a great house, while we are little we have no say; we have to be obedient to the rules. So the rules, the Mosaic Law is there. But God sent his son to redeem us and we are now adopted as God’s children. Because we are God’s children we have received the Spirit of Jesus in our hearts so we can call God “Daddy”.

Collect for Evening Prayer

School of fish wind vane
Bussleton Jetty  WA 2014 L Osburn
Loving generous God you know that we humans struggle and make some daft decisions. But loving us you sent your Son and Holy Spirit so that we can be yours, can seek your face, can have our hearts filled with the courage of your Spirit. We thank you that you have adopted us. Help us now sit with you a while and feel your love infuse us and warm us so that we, knowing how precious it is, pass on your love to others through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

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