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11 July 2014


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 11 July 2014 
Morning Prayer

Psalms 28 and 29

In the first psalm, the there is an appeal to not be like people who don’t believe and / or those who are deceitful. The psalmist changes focus and reminds us how big and powerful God is.

The next psalm picks up this theme of the almighty power of God whose voice makes water, forests, mountains and fire dance or whirl. The Lord’s power brings people confidence and peace.

2 Chronicles 24: 15 – 25: 4

After the priest Jehoiada’s death, King Joash takes his counsel from officials in Judah. The sacred poles and idols are reinstated. God sends prophets but they are ignored. God sends Zechariah who warns Joash.  Zechariah is stoned to death. By the end of the year the Syrians invade and take all the belongings to Damascus. Joash is wounded and his servants kill him.

Amaziah, Joash’s son takes the throne, he kills the servants who killed his father and appears to turn back to God.

John 4: 27 – 42

Jesus is at the well with the Samaritan woman. The disciples return. The woman goes to the city tells people, invites them to come and see Jesus and to make up their own minds.

Meanwhile the disciples try to get Jesus to eat. He talks about how he is fed by doing God’s work and seeing the harvest beginning. He tells the disciples they are about to benefit from the harvesting done by others.

Many Samaritans come from the city. They believe the woman’s testimony and asked Jesus to stay. Then they say that their belief is confirmed by what they heard from Jesus themselves.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Hay in the shining sun.
Eyre Peninsula SA 2014 L Osburn 
Holy and mighty God nothing is too hard for you. You can reunite separated peoples and nations if they believe in you and are faithful. Give us grace as you did the Samaritan woman, to tell others of our experience with you and to invite them to your presence so that meeting you face-to-face they too can experience your saving love through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen.

Friday 11 July 2014
Evening Prayer

Psalms 30 and 32

The first psalm is of praise and thanksgiving for healing and prayers answered.

The second is a lament and also of praise and deep thanks for the times God has answered prayers. It ends reminding us that the Lord preserves the faithful so we are to be strong, be courageous and wait.

Ezekiel 18: 1 – 23 (24 – 29) 30 – 32

Ezekiel prophesies and says that the righteousness of the parent will not wash away the sins of the offspring and nor will the sins of that person mean that a righteous grandchild is punished. People’s sins are their own. If a righteous person becomes sinful – the consequences are theirs alone. Past righteousness doesn’t wash away the most recent sin.

So Ezekiel is instructed to tell the people to repent, “get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit!” (v. 31). “Turn, then, and live” (v.32).

Galatians 4: 8 – 20

Paul is concerned that the Galatians have started observing old festivals that belong to the elemental spirits they worshipped before they were Christian. For Paul, this is “backsliding” and he worries that he has wasted his time with them. He recalls that when he first came he was unwell but they welcomed him and treated him like a holy messenger. Now he feels devalued because he is telling them the truth and they are rejecting it.

Others who want them to comply with the Mosaic Law, be converted to Judaism and be celebrated, are courting them. Paul wants then to be celebrated already. He feels like he has to start again with them, he wants to be with them so that he can be gentler – but he is away and his message has to come by letter.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Evening Armadale WA
2014 L Osburn
Loving and forgiving God you are there ready for us always. We slip up. We do the wrong thing. All you ask is that we repent, acknowledge what we have done wrong, clean out and soften our hearts and come back to you. Hold us now as we take that step. Open our hearts so that we may, by your grace, be restored through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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