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30 November 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Wednesday 30 November 2016 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 72

This psalm asks that the King be blessed. Justice, righteousness, prosperity for the people and production, defence of the poor and deliverance for the needy and oppressed are requested. May the king live long and be gentle. Peace, dominion, abundance, compassion are all in this appeal. The psalm ends praising and Blessing God who makes all thing possible.

Isaiah 2: 19 – 3: 12

When the Lord comes in judgement people will want to hide in caves and rocks and throw their idols away. Jerusalem will be without the supplies to support the people – food, water and administration. Those who lack knowledge or experience will rule. The people will be oppressed and oppress each other. Civil society will break down. Jerusalem and Judah have gone against God and will fall. The leaders mislead and confuse the people.

Mark 5: 1 – 20

Jesus and the disciples come to the territory of the Gerasenes. A man who lives among the tombs, howls and self harms runs towards Jesus and bows down. Jesus tells the unclean spirit to come out. The man yells his recognition of Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus asks the spirit it’s name and it answers “Legion” for there are many unclean spirits in the man. The spirits beg not to be tormented, not to be sent out of this part of the country and to go into the swine. Jesus does that. The swine go into the sea and drown. The swineherds, who are afraid, report what they see. The people ask Jesus to leave especially when they see the demoniac sitting there calm and rational. The healed man begs to stay with Jesus. Jesus sends the man back to his friends and to tell them how much God has done for him. The man does this. He preaches throughout the group of ten cities in eastern Palestine called the Decapolis.

Collect for Morning Prayer

The elm tree in spring
Harrietville Vic  L Osburn
Holy Lord who blesses us and wants the best for us, when we turn to you, when we come to you although our sins are many you forgive, heal and grant us a new life and purpose. Help us today to throw our idols away, to approach you again, be reminded that we want to be with you and let your healing love refresh us, restore us to live lives that proclaim your glory through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday 30 November 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalm 73 

The psalmist begins saying how good God is and then confesses that he is about to lose his belief because of envy of the success, prosperity and apparent freedom from care the wicked possess. It bothers him daily and he is tempted to talk about it but decides it would lead others astray. So he goes into the sanctuary and prays. Through prayer he understands that what appears to be success and freedom is temporary – like a dream. The psalmist recognises his own failings and reaffirms the value of being with God, being guided by God and being valued by God. Even if flesh fails God is our strength, our refuge and we can, with that support tell of all God’s works. 

Isaiah 41: 1 – 16

Israel is told to be quiet and listen. Their strength will be restored. The great hero from the past will restore. The people are to take courage. “I have chosen you and not cast you off” (v.9). They are not to fear; this is their God. The people’s enemies will disappear. They are not to fear even though they are merely worms or insects in comparison. God will help them and they will rejoice and glory in the Lord.

1 Thessalonians 2: 13 - 20

Paul gives thanks that when the Thessalonians heard the gospel they recognised it as the word of God. They modelled themselves on the church in Judea and suffered from their local people in the same way the Judean church suffered from the Jews. Paul, who is prevented from returning to the Thessalonians, thinks of them often and is full of praise (glory and joy) at their faithfulness.

Collect for Evening Prayer

New growth
Harrietville Vic  L Osburn
Persistent and loving Lord you keep loving and forgiving us and bringing your truth to all who will listen. As we reflect on today let us celebrate our moments of faithfulness and hand all our fears, needs, and concerns to you so that we take courage and rejoice in your increasing and wondrous gifts of love through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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