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29 November 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Tuesday 29 November 2016
Morning Prayer   

Psalm 69: 1 – 16

This psalmist is a lowly servant of the Lord and through zeal has done something that causes him to be the butt of jokes and ridicule. The psalmist is fasting and in sackcloth. He pleads for deliverance and praises God.

Isaiah 2: [1 – 5] and 6 - 18

An age of peace will come and people will stream to know the Lord. The word of the Lord will come out of Jerusalem, there will be judgment and war shall cease. Isaiah turns to the people of Jacob who are following idols. They may be rich and powerful now with powerful international allies but all this will pass away. They will be humbled and the idols shall utterly pass away.

Mark 4: 21 – 41

Jesus tells parables to assist people to understand “the Kingdom of God”. First we won’t know how it happens but we will see the results just as we plant seed, water it and a plant grows which we then harvest. Second its coming is like the mustard bush it can start from a tiny seed but provide much for many.

Jesus says to the disciples, “Let us go across to the other side”. They cross in a boat. Jesus sleeps soundly. A storm comes up and the disciples fear the boat will be swamped. They wake Jesus and accuse him of not caring. He tells the wind and sea to cease and calm immediately occurs. Jesus asks the disciples why they were afraid and “Have you still no faith?” (v.40). The disciples filled with awe wonder who is Jesus that the wind and sea obey him?

Collect for Morning Prayer

New Eggplant / Aubergine grown from seed
Mulwala NSW  L Osburn
Holy and compassionate God you know our troubles, our struggles and the things that cause us to fast and to grieve. You ask us to have faith, even a tiny seed of faith, to hold it in our hearts, water it with hope and wait for it to grow. Be with us we pray on our journey so that we may remain your calm and faithful people and be part of the coming of your kingdom through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Tuesday 29 November 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalms 69: 17 – 23 (24 – 30) 31 – 38

The psalmist praises the Lord and is suffering from insults and dishonour. When he goes for counsel and support the response is bitter, and heart-breaking – no real compassion. The psalmist is very angry, he wants God’s wrath to destroy and punish, but he leaves that anger with and for God. The psalmist praises God, who unlike a God in the form of a bull, will listen. The psalmist ends in praise and a plea to God to come quickly.

Isaiah 40: 18 – 31

God makes miraculous changes in the landscape: rivers in bare heights, fountains in valleys, pools and springs in the wilderness, trees in the desert. The challenge is now to the gods of other nations to prophesy the future – there is no case to bring, the other gods are nothing. God has stirred up someone to take over the country. God looks in Jerusalem for someone to tell but there is no one to hear since all are busy worshipping other gods.

1 Thessalonians 2: 1 - 12

Paul reminds the Thessalonians that he and his companions had the courage to bring the gospel to them even though they had been treated badly in Philippi. He asks them to remember their experience of his honesty and integrity and that he worked at his own trade to pay his own way. Each person who Paul and his companions dealt with were treated with respect and encouraged to live a godly life.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Miracles - spirit - flight
Mandurah Estuary WA  L Osburn
God of miraculous changes in the physical and political realms, be with us whether we have made errors, are suffering insults and/or leading communities of faith. Show us that our anger and resentment are signs of looking to false gods and idols that will bring us only heartache and nothing of value, so that we like Paul have the courage to do what we can, do the jobs we have been given, treat all people with respect, leave all punishment to You, praise you without ceasing and by our lives encourage others to lead a godly life through the power of your Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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