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26 June 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Sunday 26 June 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalm 17

The psalmist is a faithful and devout person who has been beset by wicked enemies. God’s protection and care is requested. God is asked to overthrow the wickedness. The psalmist wants retribution. Most, the psalmist wants relationships restored: him with God, the people with God and with him.

Revelation 5: 6 - 14

John sees a Lamb, standing as if it had been slaughtered going forward. The Lamb takes the scroll. The angels sing praise to Jesus whose blood ransoms people of all nations and times for God. The angels sing how worthy Christ is to receive power, wealth, wisdom, might, honour glory and blessing. The all creatures everywhere praise God and Jesus.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Juvenile Female Crimson Rosella
Harrietville Vic  L Osburn
Jesus, Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world. You are worthy of glory and praise and honour from all creation, from every fibre and every atom. When we are confront by wickedness, disturbed by our own anger and cry to you for vengeance or a return to order, remind us of the passion of Christ, the innocent one who died while we were still sinners, so that we fall on our knees, humble ourselves and praise and thank you forever for your compassion and mercy and love and be still through the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Sunday 26 June 2016
Evening Prayer

Ecclesiastes 3: 9 – 22

On observing workers: God has given everyone things to do at the right time. God gives humans a sense of both past and future even though we can never know the whole truth of either. God wants us to happy – to enjoy ourselves and take pleasure in the work we do. What God does endures forever.

Also when we look around there is wickedness where justice and righteousness should be. God will judge in God’s time. Are humans able to be better than animals? We both end up dead – we both breathe. So, humans should enjoy their work and not worry about what will come after them.

Psalm 16

This psalmist praises and blesses God and states his delight in faithful people. The psalmist commits to support people of faith and uses personal testimony of how God has enriched his life.

Luke 9: 1 – 11

Jesus calls the twelve, empowers them and instructs them on their mission journey. They have power over demons and to cure diseases. They are to take nothing with them and arrive in peace. If a place does not accept them take nothing away not even the dust on your feet – just let it be. Where they are welcomed they are to stay.

Herod hears and wonders whether Jesus is John the Baptist or Elijah and wants to see Jesus.

The twelve return, tell Jesus all they have done, withdraw with him privately to Bethsaida. When the crowds arrive Jesus welcomes them, teach about the kingdom and cures those who come for healing.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Sleet shower and rainbow
Harrietville Vic  L Osburn
God you are the judge and you show us that all are welcome, all are able to the taught and to receive healing from your grace and love. Help us in our lives and work to go vulnerably, humbly, work joyfully, blow away any concerns about rejection and come to you for our debriefing in quietness and in your peace so that all our experiences bring us to bless and praise you forever through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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