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17 April 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Sunday 17 April 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalm 95

Sing to God songs of praise for all things God has done for us. Be joyful. Make a noise. Do not harden your heart like the Israelites did when they were wandering in the wilderness.

John 11: 17 – 37

Jesus arrives at Martha and Mary’s home in the aftermath of Lazarus’s death. Martha greets him and declares her faith that Jesus could have healed him and that Lazarus will rise again on the last day. Jesus proclaims that he is the resurrection and the life. She declares her firm belief that he is the Messiah.

Martha goes to Mary who comes out to meet Jesus. The Jews, who are mourning with her, follow her. Mary kneels at Jesus’s feet and also declares that he could have healed Lazarus. Jesus weeps.

The crowd says that if Jesus could give a blind man sight he could have healed Lazarus.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Storm front
Jerilderie NSW  L Osburn
Great creator God who was and is and will be; you are life itself. You feel pain and grief and frustration with us as we constantly put you to the test. Soften our hearts, guide us to you, help us kneel before you and proclaim you our Messiah and wait in love and trust through Jesus Christ our saviour our resurrection and our life. Amen

Sunday 17 April 2016
Evening Prayer

Revelation 2: 12 – 19 (20 – 24) 25 – 29

John’s third letter is to the church in Pergamum. They live in a place of hostility but are faithful and do not deny their faith even when one of them is killed. But there are some in the community who eat food previously sacrificed to other gods and who are sexually immoral in the name of religion. They are told to repent, or suffer the consequences of the law – a two-edged sword. Those who conquer sin will be fed and have victory and joy.

John is to write to the church in Thyatira (home of Lydia the dealer in purple cloth). The people are praised for their faith, service and patient endurance. However there is a woman who is a false prophet and has swayed some to idolatry. She and her followers will not survive. But those who are faithful are to have no more burdens placed on them. Instead at the end they will have authority: they will be with Christ the morning star.

Psalm 113

This is a psalm of praise to the Lord forever. What other God is there that raises the poor from the dust and has them sit with the powerful and renowned? Who is it that fulfils us like this God?

Acts 10: 1 – 7, 23 – 28

In Caesarea Cornelius a centurion of the Italian Cohort, who is a devout, believer in God, gives alms and prays has a vision. He is told to send men to Joppa and bring back Simon called Peter who is in the house of Simon the tanner by the seaside. Cornelius sends two slaves and a believing soldier to Joppa.

At Caesarea, Cornelius has gathered his close friends and family. Cornelius worships Peter who stops him. “Stand up. I am only mortal.” Peter tells them that though the law says he should not associate with people from other nations God has told him not to call anyone profane or unclean. He asks what does Cornelius want.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Celebrating 25 years of ordained ministry
Mackay Qld  L Osburn
Holy and gracious God you fulfil us, lift our burdens, feed us, bring us joy, hear our prayers and send us reliable teachers and guides. Keep us strong in faith, devotion, thanksgiving and praise so that we may respond to the poor and powerless, recognise that all people are holy, avoid false prophets and discern your truth through Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord forever. Amen

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