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27 February 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Saturday 27 February 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalm 140

This psalm is an appeal to be delivered from personal enemies – from violent people and those who stir things up, those who speak ill, are arrogant and make evil plots. The psalmist is confident in God’s care.

Jeremiah 31: 27 – 40

Jeremiah reveals God’s plan not only to restore the people of Israel and Judah, their animals, the city but also to expand its footprint. The new covenant is introduced. A covenant where the law is written in people’s hearts, people will automatically know the Lord, sins will be forgiven.

Luke 14: 15 – 34

Jesus tells the parable of the rich man who planned a feast and invited guest who all had pressing things to do. He then invited anyone on the street, the poor the beggars and the travellers. Those who were originally invited missed out. Jesus challenges people to put the health of their souls before family and other commitments and to be prepared to carry a heavy burden – to work at their soul’s health. He challenges them to think and plan the cost of discipleship.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Where streams of living water flow
Ovens River Vic L Osburn
Forgiving God, we praise you and thank you for all your gifts and for your loving kindness to us. Deliver us from those who would cause us harm. Help us to make choices today to take time with you so that your love can be written on our hearts and our souls can be healed by your loving kindness through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Saturday 27 February 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalms 141 and 142

Both psalms are pleas to be delivered from personal enemies. The first includes a willingness to be justly corrected by the righteous. The psalmist asks to be assisted to avoid retaliation of the evil so that the enemies realise the psalmist is not only correct but also gentle.

In the second psalm things are not going well for the psalmist and the pleas for deliverance demonstrate faithfulness.

Genesis 45: 16 – 46: 7

Jacob tells Pharaoh the news and is instructed to give the whole family better land and more goods so that they do not have to bring much from home. When the sons return to Jacob and tell him that Joseph is alive he begins his journey to Egypt. He stops and worships at Beersheba where God talks to him in a dream. His family will prosper, God will be with them while they are in Egypt, God will be with his family when they come home and when he dies Joseph will be there to close his eyes.

Hebrews 9: 23 – 10: 4

Christ’s sacrifice was not in an earthly temple but in heaven itself. His is the only necessary sacrifice for the sins of all. Unlike other sacrifices Christ’s erases all memory of sin.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Joyous flower
harrietville Vic 2016
Abundantly generous God, when we contemplate your great generosity we can only jump for joy, laugh and sing. Our hearts can only be filled with light and love. We thank you and praise you that evil has no hold on those who love and trust you. Keep us with you Lord all the days of our lives so that we can confidently run towards your loving arms when our time on earth is over through Jesus Christ and your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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