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18 February 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Thursday 18 February 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalm 107: 1 – 22

Whether we are lost in a dry place, imprisoned or sick we are encouraged to “cry to the Lord whose steadfast love endures forever”.

Jeremiah 26: 20 – 27: 11

Another prophet, Uriah prophesies with the same message as Jeremiah. His life is threatened and he flees to Egypt where he is pursued, brought back to King Jehoiakim and executed.  Jeremiah however is protected.

God instructs Jeremiah to make a yoke of straps and crossbars, put it on himself and then prophesy not only to Zedekiah the king but also to all the envoys from surrounding countries. God created the earth and it is God’s to give to whom God chooses. He will give control of all the countries to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. If the countries bow to the King of Babylon's rule they will be safe. If not, they will experience the sword, famine, plague and exile.

Luke 12: 8 – 21

Jesus indicates that those who acknowledge him will be acknowledged by him in the life to come. Those who speak ill against him can be forgiven, but once the Holy Spirit comes, speaking ill of the Holy Spirit is speaking ill of God.

The passage moves on to consideration of property and greed. First life isn’t measured by possessions. Hoarding and storing possessions to then relax, is folly. If we die tonight whose property is it? Jesus challenges us to be rich towards God.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Rutherglen Vic  L Osburn
 Almighty God, you want the peace of salvation to be with us. You have given us your Son Jesus Christ to be our salvation and to acknowledge us before you. We thank you for this great and wondrous gift. Help us Lord to fully accept your peace in our souls and act in ways today that are rich towards you through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thursday 18 February 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalm 107: 23 – 43

We are reminded that faithfulness leads to hope and pride to being brought low. We are to call on the Lord for our great provision.

Genesis 41: 37 – 57

Joseph is given charge of Egypt and the management of food security. He is married into the family of the high priest and has two sons. When the drought comes, Egypt is prepared and her people are fed. People from other nations also come to Egypt for grain.

Hebrews 5: 7 – 6: 8

The writer talks about the pure humanity of Jesus, his prayers, supplications, loud cries and tears, and his obedience to the answer to his prayer, which leads him to crucifixion and the salvation of all. Jesus is the great high priest. There is more for us to learn and we are challenged to go beyond being fed milk like babies to be ready for some hard food.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Rutherglen Vic.  L Osburn
Wondrous exciting God, when you offer salvation it is abundant, extraordinary, and beyond our imagining. It is not for a moment but eternally. It is not for one but for all, everywhere and in all time. We thank you for Jesus our great high priest, mediator and saviour. We ask that you keep our hearts and minds open and alert so that we can appreciate your glory through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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