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23 January 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Saturday 23 January 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalms 54 and 55: 1 – 12

The first psalm is a plea to be saved from enemies, a statement of faith and a promise to give a free will offering to God once the psalmist is triumphant.

The second psalm portion is another plea for aid against enemies. The psalmist fears for his life and wants to run away. There is trouble around the city walls and the psalmist asks that the enemies plans be confused.

Jeremiah 7: 21 – 8: 3

God, through Jeremiah makes it clear that it is not the sacrifice that shows commitment to God. Obeying God and walking in God’s way is what counts. But the people do not hear. They follow their own counsel and ignore the prophets.

The sacrifices being conducted are in the wrong place and offensive to God. God never requires the sacrifice of children. Destruction will come and the bones of the people will be in the open and spread before the stars or whatever they worshipped and sacrificed to. Those remnants of this evil people will be driven away. They will prefer death.

John 8: 48 – 59

Jesus’s words in the temple challenge the Jews who are listening and seek to stone him. He tells them: he honours God and they do not honour him, not that he seeks his own glory, only God’s; those who keep his word will not taste death – and they scoff asking is he greater than all the prophets and patriarchs who have died? They ask who does he claim to be and he answers, God will glorify him. Jesus knows God and does his will. He also says that Abraham rejoiced that he would see Jesus. Finally Jesus says “Very truly, I tell you, before Abraham was, I am” (v.58).

Collect for Morning Prayer

Through the old railway cutting
Silverton NSW  L Osburn
God of wonders, before Abraham, Jesus was and is, in you. Banish our fears, our disbelief and our disobedience. Open our hearts and minds and souls to you so that our lives are a freewill offering to you and we obey you and walk in your way every minute and every day through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Saturday 23 January 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalm 55: 13 – 15 (16 – 17) 18 – 28

The psalmist’s enemy is a close friend. It is harder to bear treachery from someone close. The friend has tricked another and done great harm. God will hear and respond. Lay our burdens on God. God’s is the punishment not ours. Trust God.

Genesis 12

Abram hears God and goes forward to Canaan taking Sarai, Lot and all he owns. He sets up an altar at Shechem and another between Bethel and Ai. He moves on towards the Negeb. There is a famine so he moves again to Egypt.

Sarai is beautiful and out of fear for his own safety, Abram requires her to pose as his sister. She is taken to the Pharaoh’s house and Abram is given livestock and slaves. The Pharaoh’s house is plagued and afflicted. Pharaoh realises the cause is Sarai. He banishes Sarai, Abram and all his possessions.

James 1: 16 – 27

Every generous gift and act of giving is from God. Let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. Anger does not produce righteousness. Welcome with meekness the word that can save your soul.

Be doers of the word. Look into the perfect law of God and persevere – act. If you think you are religious and do not bridle your tongue, and if you deceive your heart then your religion is worthless. Religion that is pure before God, cares for orphans and widows in distress, and keeps us unstained by the world.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Emu family
Silverton NSW  L Osburn
Gracious and loving God, every generous gift we receive and every generous gift we give is from you. Remind us to trust you. Prompt us to give generously of our time and our resources, so that all will see we are your faithful people, trusting in you and walking the path you set before us in thanks and praise, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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