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22 January 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 22 January 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalm 51

The psalmist asks for God’s mercy for sins to be forgiven, transgressions blotted out. The psalmist admits that the sin was against God alone and God’s judgement is justified. Since God desires truth, the psalmist asks to be taught wisdom in his secret heart. The psalmist wants to experience joy and gladness again since his whole being is crushed in recognition of his sin. “Create in me a new heart, O God and put a right spirit within me” (v.10).

Jeremiah 7: 1 – 20

Jeremiah is to go and stand in the gate of the temple and deliver God’s words. The people are to listen, to amend their ways and their doings since. It is deceptive to say, “this is the Temple of the Lord”; “this is the Temple of the Lord”, and a third time, ‘this is the Temple of the Lord” as if it is some protective mantra.

If the people truly amend their ways, if they stop oppressing widows, aliens and orphans and stop going after other gods they will be saved. God knows that they steal, murder, commit adultery, swear falsely and make offerings to Baal and other gods and yet come to the temple and claim to be safe. God is watching and the people are not listening. Jeremiah is told not to attempt intercede on behalf of the people since their behaviour cause their own harm. God’s anger will be poured out on Jerusalem.

John 8: 31 – 47

Jesus talks to the Jews who believe in him. He explains how they are slaves to sin and that continuing in the truth as shown by Jesus will set them free. They dispute that as sons of Abraham they have always been free. Jesus counters that if they were true sons of Abraham they would do as God says through Jesus and not be trying to kill him. They then say they have one Father, God himself. Jesus responds that if God were their Father, they would love him. They can’t understand and there is no room for Jesus because the evil one leads them.

Whoever is from God hears the word of God. The reason they are not hearing is because they are not from God. They are ruled by sin.

Collect for Morning Prayer

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Loving God of the personal relationship you graciously create in us a new heart, put your Holy Spirit in us and protect us when we live in the truth shown by Jesus, when we amend our ways and when we ask for your wisdom, joy and gladness. Open our eyes, ears, hearts and minds to the realisation of the bone-crushing burden of our sins. Help us amend our lives and repent so that we can receive your forgiveness and your freedom through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Friday 22 January 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalms 52 and 53

In the first psalm a person who trusts riches, seeks refuge in wealth, who is mischievous and plots destruction is warned that God will respond. In comparison those who trust in God are like a green olive tree, trusting in the steadfast love of God and praising God.

The second psalm is about those who do not believe and who do evil. God’s response to them will be terrifying. The psalmist prays for the people to be delivered and for their fortunes to be restored.

Genesis 10: 32 – 11: 9 and 27 – 32

The descendants of Noah are many. Some come to a plain, build a city and decide to build a tower to the heavens for the sole purpose of “making a name for ourselves”. God sees the construction made through cooperation. All the world’s population share ancestors and one language up to now. Then the language is confused and the people scatter.

In one family, who live in the city of Ur in the area of the Chaldeans, the grandfather Terah leaves with one son Abram and his wife Sarai and Lot his grandson (whose father Haran had died) to go to Canaan. The other son Nahor and his wife stay in Ur. When they came to Haran they settle there and eventually Terah dies there.

James 1: 1 – 15

James writes to the people of the Dispersion. James encourages the people to respond with joy to trials since the testing of faith produces endurance, which is a precursor to maturity.

If we lack wisdom, we are to ask God in faith and without doubting. We are to boast in being raised up when we are lowly and believers and to boast in being brought down if we are rich.

We are blessed when we endure temptation. Temptation does not come from God but from within us, it leads to sin and to death.

Collect for Evening Prayer

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Loving and patient God time and time again you teach us that we cannot reach you through building or constructing anything except nurturing and growing trust and faith in our own hearts. Help us in times of struggle, confusion and miscommunication to choose you, to endure in love and to know we are blessed, so that we do not add to troubles, but respond in peace and give ourselves back to you through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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