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7 December 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Monday 7 December 2015 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 90

This is a group lament. The psalmist asks that we be satisfied in the morning with God’s steadfast love so that we may rejoice and be glad everyday.

There is a separation from God and a plea that there be as many days connected to God as there have been separation. The psalmist asks for God’s compassion on the people and that the work of human hands may prosper.

Isaiah 43: 14 – 44: 5

Babylon is about to be conquered. This is the promise that God is about to do something new, forgive the people and change the world. They will not only survive the changes but prosper, be restored and commit themselves and their children to God.

Mark 6: 30 – 56

The apostles return to Jesus telling him all they had done. He instructs them to come away from the crowds and rest a while in a deserted place. Crowds follow. Jesus ministers to them. The disciples note the time and that no one has eaten and there is no place to get food. Checking what the disciples have there is five loaves and 2 fish. Jesus organises the crowd divides the food, feeds them and they collect 12 baskets of leftover food. The disciples depart by boat and Jesus goes up a hill to pray. Later on the sea, straining at the oars in rough conditions. They see Jesus coming towards them walking on the water. He reassures them, gets in the boat then land at Gennesaret where more crowds find them and more healing occurs even by touching the fringe of his cloak.

Collect for Morning Prayer

St Charles Anglican Church
West Mackay Qld L Osburn
Holy God in trinity, Father, Son and Spirit you restore us, heal us, satisfy us, feed us and bring us to rest in you. When we are far away from you in exile and lamenting help us to reach out to you even if we just touch the fringes of your love so that we may experience that you are always doing something new, recognise your love, rejoice and recommit ourselves to your commandments through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Monday 7 December 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 119: 89 – 104

The psalmist expresses faith in God’s word – commitment to God and the law. The psalm also shows the effect of the scriptures on the psalmist through meditation, understanding and a guide for life.

“If your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my misery” (v.92).

Isaiah 7: 1 – 17

In the time of King Ahaz, an alliance is made between Aram (Syria) and Ephraim to take Jerusalem. Isaiah is told to meet with Ahaz and comfort him. God offers to give Ahaz a sign but Ahaz refuses saying that he will not put God to the test. Isaiah expresses frustration – that Ahaz wearies mortals and now he wearies God. Isaiah gives Ahaz the sign that a young woman will conceive and bear a son whose name is Emanuel – god is with us. And before that child knows right from wrong Aram and Ephraim will have already been deserted and Jerusalem will go through times like her occupation by Assyria.

1 Thessalonians 5: 12 – 28

The letter ends with the appeal to respect the leaders of the church, be peaceful, admonish the idlers, encourage the faint hearted, help the weak and be patient. Never repay evil for evil, seek to do good, rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in everything, keep the Spirit alive in everyone, value the words of the prophets, test everything and hang on to what is good. Paul ends with a blessing.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Celebrating Ministry
St Charles Anglican Church
West mackay Qld L Osburn
Holy and wondrous God you are with us, you bless us and you equip us with your law. Free us from misery and faint heartedness. Help us take the risk you asks us to take and to follow your commandments and so that we live well in our communities of faith, see the effects of scripture and your heart in our lives and experience that delight of living everyday with you through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

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