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28 November 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Saturday 28 November 2015 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 71

This psalmist is an older person who has had a life of connection with God.  The psalm is of praise and a plea for deliverance from personal enemies. The psalmist promises to use music to proclaim God and praise God.

2 Kings 25: 22 – 30

Nebuchadnezzar appoints Gedaliah a Judean (whose father had been an adviser to King Josiah and a friend of Jeremiah) as governor. But Ishmael (a son of the deposed royal family) and his colleagues assassinate Gedaliah and with the people, flees to Egypt.

Meanwhile in Babylon the new king in his first year of rule releases King Jehoiachin from prison, speaks kindly to him and respects him. King Jehoiachin dresses well, eats with King Evil-merodach and is given an allowance.

Mark 3: 19b – 35

Jesus and the disciples go home but the crowd gathering is so big they cannot even eat. Jesus attends to the people and his family complain about his selflessness. Meanwhile the scribes who came from Jerusalem state that he must be possessed by a powerful evil demon since he casts out demons. Jesus explains that Satan cannot cast out Satan. A kingdom divided falls.

Jesus elaborates: a strong person can only be robbed if the robber is stronger and restrains him. Jesus then says whoever blasphemes against him will be forgiven but those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit are guilty of eternal sin.

Jesus’ family come to see him and when Jesus is told he replies, “Who are my mother and brothers?” and indicates that all who do the will of God are Jesus’ mother and brothers.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Mandurah Estuary WA L Osburn

Eternally loving God, you have given us a direct connection to you through Jesus’ sacrifice. Help us this day to do your will without fear of limits or rejection. Give us hearts willing to do your work with all our strength so that we too are part of releasing people from harm and bringing people to praise and sing to your glory through Jesus Christ our Lord and your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Saturday 28 November 2015 
Evening Prayer

Psalm 119: 65 – 88

In this section the psalmist says that in the past he was arrogant, then punished and humbled. These events led to study of the law and following God. Now, others are being arrogant, flout the law and attack him. The psalmist asks for deliverance and promises to keep the faith and be steadfast.

Ecclesiastes 11: 9 – 12: 14

Young people are encouraged to rejoice in life and follow their hearts and know that what they do will be judged by God. We are to remember God while we are young. A time will come for all of us when there is trouble, darkness, fear, things and others don’t work so well, our eyes dim even the grasshoppers seem to slow down and desire for anything fails. We will all have limited time and go back to dust. It is all vanity – a breath.

The sayings of the wise and the collected words of our shepherd are like nails that help us be firmly fixed in place. You can study a lot, read many books and tire yourself out. It comes down to this, fear God and keep God’s commandments. That is everyone’s job for God will be the one to judge including every secret thing.

Revelation 13: 11 - 18

A second beast rises from the land and by all manner of trickery causes people to worship the first beast. It even has the ability to make an image of the first beast and make it move and destroy people. This second beast marks people on their hands or foreheads with a number that means they are permitted to buy or sell. This number is called “the number of the beast”.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Reflections of the garden
Mandurah WA   L Osburn

God of love and grace you want us to have lives of joy and pleasure revering you and following your commandments. Give us the clarity of mind and motivation to do this all our days and when the dark times come be confident that our hearts will look to you only our Lord, saviour redeemer and friend through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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