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27 November 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 27 November 2015 

Morning Prayer

Psalm 68: 1 – 20

A psalm of praise to a practical God, our God. We are provided with the practical necessities homes, care for orphans and widows, water, food, crops, protection, peace and God’s presence – relationship.

2 Kings 25: 8 – 21

In the 19th year of Nebuchadnezzer's reign the captain of his body guard goes to Jerusalem and burns down the temple, the kings house and every great house. The city walls are broken and more people are taken in exile to Babylon. All the artefacts are broken and taken in pieces. The priests are taken to the King of Babylon in Riblah who executes them. Thus Judah is now in exile.

Mark 3: 7 – 19a

Jesus goes to the Sea of Galilee and great numbers hearing about him arrive from the coast and from beyond the Jordan River. The disciples acquire a boat so that Jesus is not crushed. Jesus tells all the unclean spirits who recognise him as the Son of God to not make his identity known. He goes up the mountain and appoints the 12 to proclaim the message and cast out demons.

Collect for Morning Prayer

New tomatoes
Armadale WA  L Osburn

God of abundant love and grace, you provide for us, heal us and save us. Open our hearts and minds to the scriptures so that we take you seriously and obey your commandments to love you and love our neighbours and build your kingdom which provides homes, cares for orphans and widows, provides food and water, protection and peace for all as an outpouring of our relationship with you through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen

Friday 27 November 2015 

Evening Prayer

Psalms 68: (21 – 23) 24 – 35

This section of the psalm moves first to the fierce protection God provides for his people and then to a procession and celebration of God and the people of Israel, united in Jerusalem at the temple.

Ecclesiastes 10: 16 – 11: 8 

If your ruler is weak and the "princes" are feasting all day woe is you country. If your rules is noble and the "princes" work then feast at proper times the country will prosper. Sloth and indolence leads to things falling apart. Feasts are good  - it is about priorities. Don't curse the king or the wealthy even in your own home - your voice might be heard and carried.

Attempt things - some will be rewarded. Divide what you have 7 or 8 ways so that you have enough in case there's a disaster. Watch the signs and weather around you - for example no farmer reaps when it is about to rain. Remember none of us can know the works of God. So in the morning do your essential work (sow the seeds) and in the evening don't be idle - you don't know which activity will be the one that succeeds and perhaps both might. It is good to get outside and see the sun. We should rejoice in all of the days of our lives and know there will be many dark days. Remember all is like a breath - vanity.

Revelation 13: 1 - 10

John sees Satan bring out of the sea a multi-headed creature with great power, which the world worships. The people cannot withstand it. The beast is given authority to rule and shout blasphemies against God. It is allowed to make war on the saints and win and given authority over all nations. Everyone whose name is not written in the book of life of the Lamb is slaughtered. We are to hear and listen: if we are taken captive we will be held in captivity and if we kill violently we too will be killed. This is a call for saints to endure.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Cattle on the long paddock
Conargo NSW   L Osburn
Almighty God you see and understand all human behaviour. You protect us and give authority to leaders and decision-makers. Only you know the whole story of what has been and is to come. Help us to identify our essential work especially in times of strife, develop multiple strategies and consider the consequences of our plans so that we have options that fulfil your commandments, give you praise, enable us to endure and unite us with you every day through Jesus Christ our Lord and  your Holy Spirit in our hearts.

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