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25 October 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Sunday 25 October 2015 
Morning Prayer   

Psalm 110

David talks of his Lord being one who sits beside God, who defeats the enemies of God, whose rule extends beyond Zion and who, on coronation has priest privileges in the most ancient order of priests.

Mark 12: 28 – 47

A scribe asks Jesus which is the greatest commandment. He answers, to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and the second is to love your neighbour as yourself. The scribe tells Jesus that he is right and that these two are more important than all the laws of burnt offerings and sacrifice. Jesus responds that the scribe is not far from the kingdom of God.

Jesus asks those he is teaching in the temple, how can we say that the Christ is the Son of David when David says “The Lord said to my Lord: sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet” (v. 36 and Psalm 110: 1). So, if David calls the Christ “Lord”, how can the Christ be David’s son?

He encourages the crowds to question and to watch the scribes and see their hypocrisy. He shows them how to watch and think. He gives an example of what he saw and learned from watching who put what into the treasury. He found that a poor widow gave her all to God, while others who give much actually only give out of their surplus.

Collect for Morning Prayer

All our blessings
St Mark's South Hurstville NSW L Osburn
 Great God of all creation we give you thanks and praise for all your blessings. Help us hear the words of the great high priest your Son and love you with all our abilities and integrity. Help us to love our neighbours, to be a generous and caring of them so that we all may come closer to your kingdom through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

Sunday 25 October 2015
Evening Prayer

Job 42: 7 – 9

The Lord says to Eliphaz that he and his two friends have not said the right thing about God and need to take seven bulls and seven rams and sacrifice them as a burnt offering and Job will pray for them. God says he will accept Job’s prayers for his friends. They do so.

Psalm 126

When we are restored we are full of joy and praise and others notice that our God has done great things for us. So we ask to be restored, that those in tears reap joy and those who weep and sow seeds come back with an abundant harvest.

Hebrews 8: 1 – 6

Jesus is the great high priest in the ultimate temple. He is the mediator of a “better covenant” (v 6).

Collect for Evening Prayer

Great Tapestry
Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral
Wangaratta Vic L Osburn

Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ our great high priest. You have restored us; you have saved us. May our sacrifice to you be praise and thanksgiving and generosity to others for you have already given us the greatest gift, salvation. Amen.

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