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24  October 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Saturday 24 October 2015 
Morning Prayer

Psalms 130, 131 and 133

The first psalm is a lament and recognition of God’s forgiveness and steadfast love. The second describes deep humility: a calmed and quieted soul that waits in trust for the Lord. The third psalm rejoices in family peace and harmony.

2 Kings 8: 16 – 29

In Israel there is King Joram and in Judah there is King Joram (Jehoram) too. Jehoram is not faithful to God. Edom revolts and Judah loses the battle – Edom continues to revolt. When he dies his son Ahaziah (not to be confused with the King of Israel) rules Judah. He is also unfaithful to God and with King Joram, son of Ahab of Israel fights against King Hazael of Aram.

Matthew 17: 14 – 27

A man whose child has epilepsy approaches Jesus for healing – the disciples were unable to heal the child. Jesus heals the child and when the disciples ask why they could not do it Jesus says it is because they have insufficient faith. Faith the size of a mustard seed could cause a whole mountain to shift position: nothing would be impossible.

Jesus tells them that he will be betrayed, handed over, killed and raised again on the third day.

In Capernaum, temple tax collectors approach Peter to ask if Jesus pays the temple tax. Peter says yes. When he returns, Jesus raises the matter first. He asks whether a king requires his own children to pay tax or whether the tax comes from others. Peter replies, “from others”. The children then are free, but so as not to give offence, Jesus instructs Peter to go fishing and in the mouth of the first fish he catches will be a coin sufficient to pay the temple tax for both of them.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Sculpture and fishing fleet
Fremantle WA L Osburn
 Realistic and practical God, you are alive and guide us. You show us that while on one hand if we have faith nothing is impossible and also that we live in a real world one where taxes need to be paid, real betrayal and harm happens. Through it all you are with us. Help us to always give thanks for your forgiveness and love, to know that we do nothing without you and to calmly and quietly act peacefully and respectfully so that in all we do: serving, fishing, healing, paying taxes, we glorify you through Jesus Christ our Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Saturday 24 October 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalms 132 and 134

The first psalm is a reminder to God that David promised to bring the Ark of the Covenant to a permanent dwelling in Jerusalem. God indicates that if David’s offspring keep the commandments then the dynasty will last.

The second psalm is a blessing. Come bless the Lord. Lift up your hands and bless the Lord. May the Lord bless the earth.

Job 41: 12 – 34

The graphic description of the Leviathan (evil and chaos) continues – all its impenetrable outer characteristics and its heart as hard as stone.

1 Peter 5

Peter gives direction to the elders in their exercise of oversight, willingly and as examples of humility for the community. All anxiety is to be laid before God. Discipline is to be exercised because evil prowls like a lion ready to pounce. They are to be steadfast in faith like all the Christians most of whom are in hostile environments. God will restore and strengthen every one of them. They are to stand fast in the true grace of God.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Sailing vessel
Fremantle Harbour WA  L Osburn
Loving and holy Lord you strengthen and restore us. Help us to be examples of faith in our communities: humble and always laying our anxieties before you. Help us to take seriously the impenetrability of the forces of evil and chaos and give us strength to resist them so that we are restored to you in love, peace and freedom through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

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