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17 October 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Saturday 17 October 2015 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 106: 1 – 24

The psalmist begins praising God and marvelling at God’s faithful love and great deeds. He then charges that we like the people of the past – from the Exodus to the time of Aaron – go astray.

2 Kings 4: 38 – 5: 14

This section outlines 3 miracles of Elisha. The first is stew with wild gourds in it that spoiled it. Elisha is able to make it safe and palatable. The second is sharing 20 loaves of barley with 100 people and having some left over and the third is the curing of Naaman, the commander of the army of Aram, from leprosy by having him bathe 7 times in the Jordan River.

Matthew 14: 22 – 36

Jesus sends the disciples on ahead by boat to cross Lake Galilee. He goes up the mountain to pray alone. There are high winds on the lake and the boat is being battered. By morning the disciples see Jesus coming to them walking on the water. The disciples think it is a ghost and are filled with fear. Jesus speaks, they recognise him and Peter asks can he walk on water too. He gets out of the boat then takes his eye off Jesus, feels the fear again and sinks. He cries out to Jesus. Jesus rescues him. Jesus asks why did Peter doubt. Then those on the boat worship him: truly he is the Son of God. They land at Gennesaret and Jesus heals more people.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Taking the big leap
Off the pier
Busselton WA
L Osburn
Holy and loving God you have given us prophets and your Son who performed signs and miracles yet still we doubt and still we turn away. Help us focus on you. Take away our doubt and fears so that we too may step out in love and faith serving you all our days through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Saturday 17 October 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 106: 25 – 50

The ancient people keep shifting allegiance and worshipping other gods. They even conduct live sacrifice of their children. Yet God delivers them, shows compassion. The psalmist asks for God to gather us in to give thanks, glory and praise to God.

Job 38: 1 – 18

The Lord answers Job out of the whirlwind. God asks Job where was he when God created everything including the starts and heavens? Where was Job when God set the bounds of the sea?  Is Job the one who makes every morning? Has Job gone to the depths of the sea or death and does he know the whole expanse of earth?

1 Peter 2: 18 – 25

Peter encourages all to be obedient even to harsh and unfair rule. If we endure being beaten for something we did wrong there is no credit in that. Christ was without blemish and had uttered no deceit yet he was crucified. He didn’t fight back or abuse. Instead he put himself in God’s hands – gave himself to the one who judges justly. By Christ we have been healed and set free. He is the shepherd and guardian of our souls.

Collect for Evening Prayer

All in the same boat
Busselton WA L Osburn
Holy and wonderful God you have been with us since before all time, you deliver us, heal us and set us free by grace and mercy. We ask you to gather us in and to help us put our lives in your hands as Christ did even to death on the cross. Teach us how to be gentle with each other and faithful to you everyday and in all circumstances through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

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