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6 August 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Thursday 6 August 2015 
Morning Prayer   

Psalm 86

The psalmist approaches God in humility and reverent recognition asking for assistance. Praise and honour are awarded to God and the psalmist asks to walk in truth and to have a heart for God alone. Thanks are given to God for steadfast love.

2 Samuel 15: 24 – 16: 4

King David is leaving the City after Absalom his son has claimed rule and is about to arrive. The high priest and family bring the Ark of the Covenant. David asks them to go back with the Ark. If it is God’s will that David returns he will see it there.

David continues walking to the Mount of Olives barefoot, head covered and weeping. The people weep too. He is told that one of his counsellors Ahithophel, has sided with Absalom. He prays that Ahithophel’s counsel turn into foolishness.

Hushai, the King’s counsellor comes to meet David. He has torn his clothes in mourning and put soil on his head. David instructs him to go back to Jerusalem and be in Absalom’s service where he can get intelligence to the priest and his sons who can report it back to David.

As David passes beyond the summit Ziba who is the servant of Jonathon’s son Mephisbosheth, comes with a gift of donkeys, food and wine to sustain David’s group. David asks where is Mephisbosheth. Ziba tells him he has gone to Jerusalem for he believes Absalom will give him back the kingdom. King David says to Ziba that all that was Mephisbosheth’s property is now Ziba’s. Ziba swears allegiance to David.

John 11: 55 – 12: 11

Passover is coming and everyone is wondering whether Jesus will come to the festival.

Six days before the festival Jesus arrives at Mary, Martha and Lazarus’s home. They dine together. Mary anoints Jesus’s feet with a costly perfume. Judas Iscariot complains about the waste of resources that could be used for welfare. At this point the writer of the gospels tells us the complaint is not genuine since Judas steals from the common funds. Jesus honours Mary’s gift. Ministry to the poor is part of what we will continue to do: gifts don’t remove our duty of care for others.

A crowd gathers both to see Jesus and Lazarus. The chief priests plan to kill Jesus and Lazarus since the people believe in Jesus on account of both of them.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Mulberry Vale
Broken Hill 2005 L Osburn
Holy Lord you are with us always and hear us when we are facing opposition and real threats to our safety and well being. Keep us walking in your truth with calm patience, focusing our hearts on you alone so that we make the right decisions and demonstrate our faith in you through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

Thursday 6 August 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 88

This is a prayer of a faithful person who has been seriously ill since childhood and now believes they are close to death. The prayer asks God to listen. The psalmist is bold with God. “Is your steadfast love declared in the grave…?” (v.11). The only sense of hope in this psalm is in God’s response.

Baruch 3: 9 – 25 and 3: 35 – 4: 4

Baruch challenges Israel to consider how it is they ended up in exile, considered among the dead and are not living at home in peace. He says it is because they did not seek knowledge or wisdom. He asks where are the rich and rulers of the past who were more concerned with acquisition than the law, understanding or wisdom? These things are not known among the young or other nations.

There is only one God. The way to the knowledge of God has been given through Jacob and Israel. She is in the commandments and the law. Those who hold fast to her will live. Don’t give your future or glory to another God or nation. Happy are we for we know what is pleasing to God.

Romans 8: 9 – 17

Paul says that when the Spirit of God dwells in us we are no longer led by selfish passions. The spirit energises us. We have a great debt. Through no action of our own God has adopted us. When we cry Abba (Daddy) it is our spirit recognising this gift, that we are with Christ, God’s children.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Mundi Mundi
After Rain
NSW 2005
L Osburn

Holy and wonderful God you have adopted us as your dear children no longer bound by law but by the love you showed us through Christ our Lord. We need no longer fear death since you are the one who has power even over death and leads us to newness of live with you through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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