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28 July 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Tuesday 28 July 2015 
Morning Prayer   

Psalm 71

This psalmist is an older person who has had a life of connection with God.  The psalm is of praise and a plea for deliverance from personal enemies. The psalmist promises to use music to proclaim God and praise God.

2 Samuel 11: 1 – 21

It is spring. David’s army is out fighting and David remains at home. He is on his roof near sunset and sees a woman bathing. He asks her identity and is told who she is (Bathsheba), whom she is married to (Uriah) and her family – faithful to David and to God. He sends for her, has intercourse with her. She returns home. Some time later she sends a message to David that she is pregnant. David sends word to Joab to send Uriah to him. He asks about the course of the battle and tells him to go home. He even sends a present to Uriah’s house. Uriah however, does not go home but stays with the warriors arguing that the Ark of the Covenant, Commander Joab and the army are all camping out why should he, Uriah, enjoy the privilege of going home and being with his wife? David tells him to stay and that he will be sent back to the front. David then eats with him and gets him drunk. Still Uriah does not go home.

Joab places Uriah the Hittite, the husband of Bathsheba, in the front line of fighting, close to the city wall opposing valiant warriors of the Ammonites. Uriah and other good fighters are killed. Joab sends a messenger to David to tell him of the progress of the battle. Joab is prepared for a criticism from the king about his strategy and that clearly the force is too close to the wall.  Joab specifically instructs the messenger to tell the king that Uriah is dead.

John 8: 48 – 59

Jesus’s words in the temple challenge the Jews who are listening and seek to stone him. He tells them: he honours God and they do not honour him, not that he seeks his own glory, only God’s; those who keep his word will not taste death – and they scoff asking is he greater than all the prophets and patriarchs who have died? They ask who does he claim to be and he answers, God will glorify him. Jesus knows God and does his will. He also says that Abraham rejoiced that he would see Jesus. Finally Jesus says “Very truly, I tell you, before Abraham was, I am” (v.58). As they get stones to kill him Jesus hides and leaves the temple.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Tree in an Outback Creek
Stephen's Creek NSW 2015 E Byford
Holy and loving God, you know that all of us including those who are your faithful and your anointed may have hard hearts and fall prey to power, lust and pride. You know that bad things happen to good people and sometimes it is the good people who do the bad things. Guide us whenever this occurs – help us stand firm in our convictions, ask for deliverance and strategically retreat if necessary so that we may see this pass and praise you in all ways through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen.

Tuesday 28 July 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 119: 65 – 88

In this section the psalmist says that in the past he had gone astray, then was punished and humbled. These events led to study of the law and following God. Now, others are being arrogant, flout the law and attack him. The psalmist asks for deliverance and promises to keep the faith and be steadfast.

Proverbs 9

Wisdom is compared to a foolish woman. Wisdom has set a table for people to come, eat and drink: to lay immaturity aside and to get insight. Wisdom says, if you correct a scoffer or rebuke someone wicked you will only reap abuse and hurt. If you correct someone wise they will appreciate it, become wiser, teach the righteous and gain learning. Revering God is the beginning of wisdom and learning about God brings insight.

The foolish woman on the other hand, calling out for people to eat with her might, sounds like she has sweet delights but the people dining with her are already among the dead.

Romans 4: 13 – 25

Paul discusses Abraham’s faith that he had before there was the Law. Abraham trusted God and was convinced God would do as promised – including that he would be the father of many even when he and his wife were old. Abraham’s faith was the key to Abraham’s righteousness. Faith in Christ likewise will be reckoned to us as righteousness.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Crimson Rosellas
The Abbey Benedictine Community
Jamberoo NSW 2012 L Osburn
Loving and compassionate God, you know that all of us have been immature and gone astray. Bring us back to you. Strengthen our reverence for you, guide us to learn, to grow in wisdom and strengthen our faith so that we may flourish in your love, your righteousness and your peace through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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