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20 July 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Monday 20 July 2015 
Morning Prayer   

Psalm 48

This psalm praises Mt Zion City of God its walls and grandeur. Moreover, it is the place where God can be found and kings approaching fall and fail once they recognise God dwells here. In the temple the people ponder God’s steadfast love and praise God’s name throughout the earth. The psalmist tells us to come to the holy city, walk around; go into the citadels so that we can tell our children and their children that this God, our God will be our guide forever.

2 Samuel 3: 20 – 39

Abner, who was Saul’s commander, is at Hebron. David orders a feast and they agree that Abner will go back to Israel and rally the people to make a covenant with David. Abner leaves in peace. But Joab returns and is angry that Aber was allowed to get away. He does not trust Abner.

Joab sends messengers to bring Abner back. Joab takes him aside quietly and stabs him. David knows nothing of this action. When David hears he distances himself from the murder, curses Joab’s family and orders everyone to mourn Abner’s death. David himself follows Abner’s funeral bier, buries him at Hebron, publicly laments that Abner has been murdered by wicked people and refuses to eat until the sun sets. All this pleases the people and they and all Israel understand that King David has no part in Abner’s death.

David says to his servants that a great man of Israel is dead and that David feels powerless over Joab’s kin (sons of Zeruiah) who are too violent. He prays that God will respond according to their wickedness.

John 6: 52 – 71

This is a hard passage. Jesus explains that in the life that endures, the life of faith, we need nourishment. That comes from the real, fleshy life of Jesus understanding that he lived and taught and is God. The strength of our belief comes through his blood at the crucifixion. We need to believe that he is God come to earth and God crucified for us. This flesh, this blood is what we need to assimilate, to take in so that we can be nourished and grow in faith.

Collect for Morning Prayer

The Abbey
Jamberoo NSW Benedictine Community
2012 L Osburn
Holy Lord, when we ponder your immense love for us, everything you have given us and done for us and that your Son Jesus was a living breathing person who was crucified, you reveal the life of the spirit. Help us step beyond our earthbound concerns and to take in the reality of Christ’s life and to drink in the enormity of his crucifixion so that we may build in each of us part of your holy and universal temple, strong, unassailable and eternal. Help us marvel at your holy city of peace and reconciliation and tell our children and their children how great is your love for us through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen.

Monday 20 July 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 49

This is a riddle psalm / song.
Bow down everyone everywhere. Why should we worry about persecutors or the wealthy? No one can live forever. The wise and foolish die too. All possessions are left to others. Mortals can’t abide all the pomp of life – we will die. Those who are pleased with their lot will die. But God will ransom my soul and receive me.

Don’t be afraid when someone becomes richer and they are happy in their life. They and they ancestors will be gone. Mortals can’t abide all the pomp of life – we will die.

Proverbs 4: 20 – 5: 14

Listen carefully to these words. Look after your own heart – from it comes your life. Take care what you say – say nothing devious. Let your gaze be straight before you and your feet on the right path. Be prudent, knowledgeable and wise. Be cautioned about those whose words are like honey but who are on the wrong path. In the end their speech is bitter.

Listen carefully to these words. If you don’t, others will take your honour, their fill of your wealth, your years will be handed to the merciless, and your energy depleted. You will remember how you did not like discipline, reproof, being taught or listening and will acknowledge your ruin publicly.

Romans 1: 26 – 32

When people exchange God for idols and other notions they lead themselves into all sorts of dreadful behaviours: exploitative, violent, deceitful, haughty, boastful and heartless. And others applaud them.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Quiet moment
The Abbey Benedictine Community
Jamberoo NSW 2012
Praise and thanks be to you our God who made us with free will and creative power. Help us to keep our eyes on you not on what seems to bring prestige in the world. Help us keep our hearts for and with you not on short-lived desires. Help us keep on your path so that at the end you are our reward, our acclamation, our honour, our freedom and our peace through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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