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1 August 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Saturday 1 August 2015 
Morning Prayer   

Psalm 74

This psalm is one of community lament.  Enemies have come and destroyed the city, the temple and everything that gives identity to the people. An appeal is made to God using stories of creation and God’s past provision for the people. The enemy ridicules and the soul of the people is at risk of being destroyed. The psalmist asks to Lord to rise up for the people’s sake.

2 Samuel 13: 20 – 14: 3

Tamar goes home. Absalom her brother finds out what has happened and tells her not to worry. She lives, a desolate woman, in her brother’s house. Absalom ceases speaking to Amnon.

Absalom has shearers and wants to celebrate. He goes to King David and invites the whole family to a feast. David refuses because of the burden for Absalom. Absalom asks for his brothers to come and includes Amnon. David queries this and Absalom is adamant.

At the feast, Absalom commands his servants to wait until Amnon is full of wine then set upon him and kill him. This they do and the other brothers flee. Word comes to David that all his sons have been killed. He mourns. But Jonadab David’s cousin, the one who with Amnon planned to deceit to get access to Tamar, says not all the brothers would have been killed, just Amnon.

The person on watch sees a crowd approaching. It is as Jonadab said. Absalom flees to Geshur. David after mourning for Amnon grieves the loss of Absalom for three years.

John 10: 19 – 39

The Jews want Jesus to reveal that he is the Messiah? Jesus says he already has and they don’t believe him.

His works show he is. Those who don’t believe are not his. He then says, “The Father and I are one” (v. 30). The Jews prepare to stone him. He challenges them on the basis of his works and scripture.

If people don’t believe in Jesus, that is fine, believe in his works so that you eventually know that Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in Jesus.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Ruins of an old telegraph station
Eucla WA 2104 L Osburn
 Holy and almighty God when there is destruction of buildings, communities and identity, violence and deceit, when our security and beliefs are shattered our souls are at risk. Help is in those times when our experiences do not tally with what we know. Support us as we mourn the losses. Open our hearts to cry out to you and open our eyes and minds to see and to believe that not all is lost. Give us the patience to accept that we will see the truth and know that with Jesus we are with you and together we can move to your new future for us all through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen.

Saturday 1 August 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalms 75 and 76

The first psalm begins with praise and moves on to describe God as judge: putting down the boastful wicked and lifting up the righteous.

In second psalm God is portrayed as a mighty warrior who protects the poor and oppressed against foes, even armies of nations. Kneeling in thanks and praise to God is the only role for human wrath.

Proverbs 11: 16 – 31

Those who seek righteousness, grace, generosity, kindness and clear good sense are compared with those who do not. The first group will benefit and be valued. “If the righteous are repaid on earth, how much more the wicked and the sinner!” (v.31).

Romans 6: 12 – 23

Paul uses the analogy of slavery. We were once slaves to sin and now are freed. So if we become obedient to Christ we become instead slaves to righteousness. We focus not on sin, which leads to death but on righteousness and the reward of sanctification and eternal life.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Holy Trinity Cathedral
Wangaratta Vic 2015
L Osburn
Compassionate God you guide us and teach us how to have lives of quality and value. Even when we are full of righteous wrath you guide us to turn, kneel and give thanks and praise to you. Keep us every day with you. Enable us to seek righteousness, grace, and be generous and kind so that we act under your sovereignty, your love and your power through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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