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26 June 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 26 June 2015 
Morning Prayer   

Psalms 137: 1 – 6 (7 – 9) and 138

The song of the exiles... “By the river of Babylon”. The psalmist feels the pain and anguish of the destruction of Jerusalem and worries about forgetting yet finding it impossible to sing.

The second psalm is a song of praise and deliverance and ends with the psalmist faithfully claiming, “the Lord will fulfil his purpose for me” (v.8).

1 Samuel 20: 12 – 34

Jonathon and David in the field develop a strategy to get a message to David that either Saul means no harm or that Saul wants to kill him. Jonathon pledges his friendship to David and asks that should he die that David always love his family. David swears again his loyalty for Jonathon.

The new moon feast is on. David’s absence is noted. Nothing is said the first night since he might have had a mishap and may be ritually unclean. On the second night King Saul queries his absence. Jonathon says David had asked permission to be a sacrifice with his family. Saul enraged, abuses Jonathon verbally and tells him that unless David dies Jonathon and his children will not reign. He demands Jonathon send for David so that he can be killed. Jonathon asks what has David done? Saul throws his spear at Jonathon who leaves angry, humiliated and grieving for David.

Acts 13: 26 – 41

Paul, in the synagogue in Antioch continues to tell the story of Jesus. He says that the people of Jerusalem did not understand what Jesus was saying and did not recognise who he was and so fulfilled all the prophesies. Though he had committed no wrong they had him killed.
His resurrection was foretold in the scriptures and Paul quotes the texts.

He proclaims that through this man forgiveness of sins is possible in a way not possible through the Law of Moses. He then quotes Habakkuk and tells those who scoff to be amazed for in their day unbelievable things will be done.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Crashing Cockatoo
It was "surfing" on a tree in a storm and crashed.
It flew off unharmed and came back to try again.
Lake Mulwala NSW 2015 L Osburn

God of grace and deliverance, you bring salvation and the way out of dark and dangerous times. Be with us in all we do today. Keep our hearts and minds open to the unbelievable things you do in our lives daily and give you thanks through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

Friday 26 June April 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 139

The psalmist loves, reveres and understands the majesty and ever-presence of God. He wants to distance himself from anyone and anything that is opposed to God – to actively step away. He appeals to God to examine him, test him and lead him in the right way.

Sirach 24: 18 - 34

Wisdom invites us to inwardly digest all she has to offer and we will hunger for more and if we work with her we will keep free from sin.

Adam did not know the depths of Wisdom. We have the Law from Moses and that helps but even at the end of time no one will fathom her. 

Sirach tells how he is using a small amount of wisdom to write this book but it will grow and pour out teaching like a sea or a dawn touching everyone who seeks wisdom.

James 4

James outlines the challenges of being godly and living in the world. Conflict and harm come because we want something and cannot have it. We have either not asked for it or we ask wrongly because we are going to use it for ourselves – our own wants and not God’s purposes.

James likens this to adultery – we are cheating on God. God yearns jealously for the spirit he made that dwells in us and he gives us grace when we are humble, not arrogant and not seeking our own cravings. So seek God, be humble, repent and evil will flee. Don’t judge others.

Instead of thinking, “Tomorrow I’ll got to someplace and start a new venture”, think instead, “If the Lord wishes we will….” Put everything you do before God first for we are fragile and temporary in this world.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Sunset over Savernake
NSW 2015 L Osburn
Awesome and magnificent God we stand reverently in your presence. You are the source of all life, all wisdom and all love. Help us every day to seek you, your life, your wisdom and your everlasting love so that we can come before you in humility, ask for what you want to give us and acknowledge and receive your precious gifts to us rejoicing and praising you all our lives through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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