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24 May 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Sunday 24 May 2015 Pentecost or Whitsunday
Morning Prayer

Song of God’s Children[1]: Romans 8: 2, 14, 15b – 19

In Christ’s Spirit we are:
set free from the law of sin and death;
led by the Spirit of God and made children of God so that we may call God “Abba” (daddy);
supported by the Spirit as heirs of God;
confident that whatever our suffering now we will be glorified with God in the hereafter and,
assured that the glory will overwrite any suffering now.
For the whole of creation is waiting for us to be revealed to God.

John 14: 15 – 26

If we love Christ we will receive the Advocate, the spirit of truth. Jesus tells the disciples that he is leaving and going to the Father and that he is alive and in the disciples and they in him. God will love those who keep Jesus’s commandments and Jesus will be revealed to them. God with Christ will make their home in them.

The Advocate, the Holy Spirit will teach us and remind us what Jesus said.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Gum Blossom
Denmark WA 2014  L Osburn
Holy wonderful God, you love us with a love that has no end. Help us today to say and sing in a myriad of ways “I love you and that’s all I truly know”, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Sunday 24 May 2015 Pentecost or Whitsunday
Evening Prayer

Ezekiel 36: 22 – 28

God tells Ezekiel to say, that it is not for the sake of the people that he will restore them but for his own name, which has been so profaned. God will display holiness and love: bring the people home; cleanse them internally and from all their connections to idols. God will give the people a new spirit: give them hearts of flesh and take away their hearts of stone. Then they will be God’s people and God will be their god.

Psalm 103: 13 – 22

As parents have compassion for their children so God has compassion for us. Our lives are fleeting and short like a flower or like grass.

God’s steadfast love is eternal. God is eternal and mighty. “Bless the Lord, O my soul” (V.22).

1 Corinthians 12: 1 – 13

Paul explains the spiritual gifts. The Spirit of God within would never curse Jesus but will proclaim Jesus Lord. There is only one Spirit and many gifts and many out-workings of that Spirit but it is God alone who activates the Spirit in people for the good of all. Some will speak wisely and others will share knowledge. Some will have great faith, do miracles, prophecy, some speak in tongues and others interpret that speech. Whatever the gifts and their out-workings we are united as one body in Christ through baptism and all have the same spirit within.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Gum Blossom
The Deanery Garden Griffith NSW
2014 L Osburn
Holy Lord, we praise you and thank you for loving us because you want to. You free us because you want to. You give us gifts because you want to. Help us to hear and feel the wonder and your love. Help us acknowledge that you already know all about us and still you have compassion. You still wash us clean and free us from our personal and public idols so that we may be your children and live our lives with your Spirit for the good of all through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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[1] A Prayer Book for Australia p. 394

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