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4 March 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Wednesday 4 March 2015
Morning Prayer

Psalms 11 and 12

The psalmist disputes the claim one should run from enemies. The psalmist will stand firm. He says that if the foundation collapses, then all are powerless. The psalmist trusts in the Lord – the firm foundation.

The psalmist laments the lack of faithful people. People make promises and are unreliable. The poor and the needy suffer as a result but, the Lord is faithful forever and pure. The Lord guards and protects us.

Genesis 44: 1 – 17

Joseph orders that the money his brothers repaid for the grain be again restored to their sacks and that his own divination cup be placed in Benjamin’s sack. After the brothers leave the steward is told to catch up with them and search for the cup. The brothers protest their innocence and say whoever took the cup should die but the steward says, no just be a slave. They find the cup in Benjamin’s sack. They all return to Joseph and Judah steps forward to advocate.

Luke 13: 10 – 21

Jesus heals a woman who does not ask for healing, in the synagogue on the Sabbath. She has been bent over for 18 years. The ruler of the synagogue criticises. Jesus responds by called them hypocrites for animals are freed of their bonds on the Sabbath to go about and to eat. This woman is freed from her bondage. This small act and the presence of God that it reveals, is juxtaposed with the mustard seed and the yeast: something little that makes a big change.

Collect for Morning Prayer

The walkway through the Valley of the Giants
40 metres above ground through the
canopy of Australia's largest trees
Walpole WA 2014 E Byford
O God our firm foundation, you are forever faithful and compassionate. Give us sufficient grace today to do one small act mindfully: a kindness, a prayer, an “Are you OK?” phone call … so that your presence breaks through in our lives and the lives of others through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday 4 March 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalms 13 and 14

These psalms are laments for personal deliverance from enemies, from harm and from a cynical age. The psalmist remains faithful proclaiming God’s deliverance of Israel and care for the poor.

Jeremiah 30: 10 – 22 (23 – 24)

Jeremiah prophesies that Israel will be returned, her grievous hurt will be healed and she will be restored as a nation properly honouring and worshipping God.

Hebrews 8: 7 – 13

Jeremiah prophesied the new covenant, won by Jesus. In this covenant God puts the laws into our minds and writes them on our hearts. Everyone shall know the Lord.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Pelican cruising
Denmark WA 2014
L Osburn
Holy and gracious Lord you have given us all a new start and fresh beginning through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Be with us now as we contemplate your grace, feel your deliverance, notice your healing and encounter you in our hearts so that we may rest in your love tonight and go into your world tomorrow with joy and thanksgiving through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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