Tuesday, 17 February 2015

18 February 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Wednesday 18 February 2015
Ash Wednesday
Morning Prayer

Psalm 38: 1 – 4 and 18 – 21

This psalm is one of repentance, of suffering physical and of the heart. The psalmist waits, in silence for the Lord.

Daniel 9: 3 – 6 (7 – 14) 15 - 19

This is Daniel’s prayer of repentance and call for God’s immense mercies. “O Lord listen! O Lord forgive! O Lord hear and act! For your sake, O my God, do not delay…” (v. 19).

Matthew 6: 7 - 15

The Lord’s Prayer.

Collect for Morning Prayer

St Andrew's by the Lake
Mulwala NSW 2014 L Osburn

O lord, holy and merciful we bring ourselves to you with humble and contrite hearts knowing your great mercy and care through the ages. Be with us as we sit in quiet contemplation and repentance and bring us to your forgiving presence through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday 18 February 2015
Ash Wednesday

Evening Prayer

Psalm 39: 4 – 9

Human life us short, a mere breath. Humans bustle about in vain, gathering wealth – for whom? Our real hope is in God. We ask for our sins to be forgiven.

Isaiah 58: 1 - 12

Isaiah makes it clear what a fast should be. It isn’t to do make a show of righteousness. The real fast is liberating the oppressed, loosing the bonds of injustice, stopping blame and gossip, feeding the hungry and satisfying the needs of the afflicted.

1 Timothy 6: 6 - 19

Paul writes: pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness; testify to the faith and keep the commandments. He has words for rich people to not rely on wealth but be willing to share and build a secure spiritual future.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Rainbow over Savernake
NSW 2015 L Osburn
Gracious Lord, through this day of solemn reflection we stop and reconsider our lives. Help us turn around and build lives that gather wealth for all: the wealth of freedom, justice, respect, care and generosity. Help us have lives full of rich experiences: righteousness, closeness to you, examples of faith, love and endurance so that our lives feed and enrich others and make places for your spirit to break-in through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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