Monday, 16 February 2015

17 February  2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Tuesday 17 February 2015
Morning Prayer

Psalm 106: 1 – 24

The psalmist begins praising God and marvelling at God’s faithful love and great deeds. He then charges that we like the people of the past – from the Exodus to the time of Aaron – go astray.

Genesis 35: 16 – 29 and 36: 6 – 8

This section tells of the birth of Benjamin Rachel’s second child and her death in childbirth. The family of Israel is outlined. Isaac’s death leads to the establishment of Esau and his family in hill country – Edom.

Luke 10: 13 – 24

Jesus warns the towns that rejected him even though they witnessed great works there. He tells his disciples that if people listen to them they listen to Jesus and to God. When the 70 returned they do so joyfully – spirits and demons submitted to their authority. Jesus praises God and gives thanks for the gift to the disciples.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Peeking through to the Kiewa Valley
Victoria 2015 L Osburn

Generous and loving God you have made yourself know to us through Christ in ways that would have transformed the ancient peoples and kings, cities and nations. Help us to be open to your wonderful gifts, be joyful and full of your Holy Spirit to do your work in this world through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Tuesday 17 February 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 106: 25 – 50

The ancient people keep shifting allegiance and worshipping other gods. They even conduct live sacrifice of their children. Yet God delivers them, shows compassion. The psalmist asks for God to gather us in to give thanks, glory and praise to God.

Jeremiah 22: 20 – 23: 8

Jeremiah prophesies even more destruction and exile.  “O land, land, land hear the word of the Lord” (v. 22: 29). Jeremiah prophesies that God will, after the exile, bring back a handful of people and a branch of the family of David will emerge to rule with justice and righteousness.

Jude 17 - 25

Jude writes that we should be prepared for scoffers and opposition. We are to be merciful to those who doubt, snatch people from the fire and save them. Our job is to build up our faith, pray in the Holy Spirit and to keep us in God’s Love. Only God can keep us from falling.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Peeling bark - the outer layers
uncover the beauty beneath
Tawonga Gap Road Victoria 2015
L Osburn
God of endless compassion, you show us over and over again your saving grace, love and favour. Make us firm, compassionate, courageous and strong in faith so that we are merciful to those who doubt and are able to save those who need to be saved for your sake and for your glory through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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