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28 August 2014


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Thursday 28 August 2014 
Morning Prayer

Psalms 143 and 146

The psalmist is in hiding in a cave and sounds depressed yet, he is still reaching out to God; he is still trusting and obedient.

The next psalm is one of praise to God who is trustworthy – more than princes: more than mortals.

Prayer of Manasseh

This is a beautiful, heartfelt prayer of repentance ending in a promise to praise God continually, all the days of our lives.

Acts 21: 40 – 22: 16

Paul, under arrest in Jerusalem is permitted to speak to the crowd, which he does in Hebrew. The crowd listens and he tells his story, admitting to persecuting the Christians. He proclaims that all need to be baptised in Jesus.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
"Sing lustily and with good courage" Wesley
Ovens River Vic. 2014 L Osburn
Compassionate and merciful God, you hear us when we cry to you in distress. You hear us when we come to you in repentance and humility and you hear us when we proclaim your word and your saving grace. Our hearts break open in praise and thanksgiving and join all the hosts of heaven to sing your praise. Keep our hearts open and praise to you on our lips and in our prayers so that we too carry you love and compassion throughout this world through Jesus Christ and Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thursday 28 August 2014
Evening Prayer

Psalm 119: 153 – 176

This portion of the psalm is a plea for preservation of life from someone who is devout “my soul keeps your decrees” and who admits he has gone astray.

Tobit 6: 9 – 12 and 7: 1 – 15

Tobias and Azariah (the angel Raphael) enter Media and Azariah insists they spend the night in Raguel’s home. Raguel is a kinsman who has a daughter who is sensible and for Tobias is an appropriate husband.

They go to Raguel’s home, are welcomed, identify their family connections and successfully negotiate a marriage contract. Both parents bless the union.

Romans 15: 22 – 33

Paul tells the Romans that he is on his way to Jerusalem to share the resources of the new believers in other countries with the poor Christians in Jerusalem. He asks for their prayers to be delivered from the unbelievers in Judea and to be able to come to Rome. Paul blesses them.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Last Rays of the Day
Rutherglen Vic 2014 L Osburn
Merciful and compassionate God, you preserve the lives of your faithful people so that they may do your will to your glory. We pray this night for all your faithful people and particularly for those suffering oppression, war, pestilence, imprisonment, poverty and depression so that we all through your grace may continue to do your will, bring glory to your name and hasten your kingdom through Jesus Christ our Lord and redeemer. Amen.

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