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27 August 2014


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Wednesday 27 August 2014 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 140

This psalm is an appeal to be delivered from personal enemies – from violent people and those who stir things up, those who speak ill, are arrogant and make evil plots. The psalmist is confident in God’s care.

2 Chronicles 33: 1 – 20

The reign of Manasseh (age 12) with faithlessness and defilement of the temple. Manasseh’s early rule encourages corrupt behaviour. The Assyrians take him captive. While in exile he prays for forgiveness, is restored, cleans out the idols, secures an outer wall and makes appropriate sacrifices. He dies after 55 years of rule and is succeeded by his son Amon.

Acts 21: 27 – 39

Paul goes to the temple. Jews from Asia who know of him misrepresent what he teaches and claim that he has brought Greeks into the temple. The crowd riots, the temple’s doors are closed, the tribune hears and sends in the troops. The crowd makes no sense in their accusations so the soldiers carry Paul. At the barracks they establish that he is not an Egyptian who formed a group of assassins. Paul tells them his identity and asks to speak to the crowd.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Pilot Vehicle, Road Train and Earth Moving Equipment
Eyre Hwy, Nullabor Plain SA  2014 L Osburn

Holy and almighty God, you are with us when our worldview is challenged, you are with us when we walk away full of pride thinking we can challenge you. Be with us today, guide all our thoughts, words and actions so that we may be part of your better world, builders of your kingdom of love and grace through Jesus Christ our Lord and your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

Wednesday 27 August 2014
Evening Prayer

Psalms 141 and 142

Both psalms are pleas to be delivered from personal enemies. The first includes a willingness to be justly corrected by the righteous. The psalmist asks to be assisted to not engage in retaliation of the evil so that the enemies realise the psalmist was not only correct but also gentle. In the second psalm things have not gone well for the psalmist and the pleas for deliverance demonstrate faithfulness.

Tobit 5

Tobias, Tobit’s son, questions how will Gabael know to trust him with Tobit’s wealth. Tobit explains that half of the bond is with Tobit and the other half with the wealth so the documents can be compared. Tobit instructs Tobias to find a travelling partner who knows the way. The first person Tobias encounters is the angel Raphael but no-one knows he is an angel. The angel not only knows the way he is also a kinsman and knows Gabael’s house. Tobias introduces the angel to Tobit. Tobit questions his identity and family lineage. The angel calls himself Azariah son of Hananiah as Tobit knows the family he is reassured. Wages for the journey are set. Tobias mother grieves the loss of he son and Tobit tells her not to worry, “a good angel will accompany him on his journey” (v. 22).

Romans 15: 14 – 21

Paul writes that he has confidence in the Romans and that he has written to them boldly just to remind them of some points of belief and practice. He wants their worship to be acceptable to God. Paul talks of what Christ has accomplished through him in word, deed, power of signs and wonders. His mission has been to those who have never heard of Christ and fulfils a prophecy of Isaiah. This has delayed him visiting Rome.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Supports for Sue's Bridge
Blackwood River WA 2014 L Osburn
Confidence building God you give us teachers, guides, companions, apostles and your own Son so that we may overcome all challenges and keep to the pathway that leads to your door. Help us to reflect on today and the numerous ways you have reminded and supported us so that we, seeing your grace may live in faithfulness and joy in the days ahead through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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