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23 November 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Wednesday 23 November 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalms 54 and 55: 1 – 12

The first psalm is a plea to be saved from enemies, a statement of faith and a promise to give a free will offering to God once the psalmist is triumphant.

The second psalm portion is another plea for aid against enemies. The psalmist fears for his life and wants to run away. There is trouble around the city walls and the psalmist asks that the enemies’ plans be confused.

Malachi 1

The people of Edom, the ancestors of Esau are bringing for sacrifice just any creature. They take no effort. They are doing the actions but without the effort or the commitment. They are neither fulfilling the letter or the law nor its spirit. It is like sniffing at God. It dishonours and despises God. It is a form of cheating God.

Mark 2: 1 – 17

Jesus is in Capernaum and the people hear he is at home. They gather. Men bring a friend who is paralysed. They go to the roof and dig a hole through it and lower the man down to Jesus. Jesus applauds their faith and forgives the man’s sins. Scribes sitting, watching ask in their hearts, not out loud, how Jesus gets this authority and is he being blasphemous? Jesus perceives and responds asking which is easier to forgive sins or to say “Stand up and take your mat and walk” (v. 9)? So Jesus says this too. The man gets up and walks. Everyone is amazed and glorifies God.

Walking by the sea Jesus sees Levi a tax collector and says, “Follow me”. Levi (known as Matthew) follows. Later at Levi’s home Jesus has dinner with disciples, tax collectors and sinners. When the scribes see this they ask the disciples how is this possible? Jesus on hearing this responds saying, he has come to save sinners not the righteous.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Mandurah WA  L Osburn
Holy amazing and wonderful God you have provided us with a beautiful world, you forgive us, you heal us and you love us. Help us never to think that close enough is good enough, or God won’t mind if we short-change the giving of ourselves: our hearts, our minds, our souls and our strength. Help us by prayer and action carry our burden through crowds up a roof, break through a ceiling to bring someone else to God so that they may be restored and in so doing demonstrate our faith through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday 23 November 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalms 55: 13 – 15 (16 – 17) 18 – 28

The psalmist’s enemy is a close friend. It is harder to bear treachery from someone close. The friend has tricked another and done great harm. God will hear and respond. Lay our burdens on God. God’s is the punishment not ours. Trust God.

Wisdom 10: 15 – 11: 10

It was wisdom that entered Moses and enabled him to stand against Pharaoh and show great signs. Wisdom guided the people and destroyed their enemies. It was wisdom in the voices of the people and children that sang praise to God. Wisdom prospered the work of Moses. God protected them and they were able to fight off their foes. When they were thirsty God provided water – life-giving water. God warned and tested these people in mercy. The ungodly, God condemned.

Revelation 12: 1 - 6

John sees the figure of a pregnant woman clothed in the sun, the moon at her feet, stars crowning her head. She cries and gives birth to a son. A seven-headed red dragon steals the baby and delivers him to God’s throne. The woman flees to the wilderness, to a place prepared by God where she is nourished.

Collect for Evening Prayer

In Di's Garden
Mandurah WA  L Osburn
Holy God you are the creator, the redeemer and the spirit of wisdom. We give you thanks that you are the one on whom all our burdens can be laid. As we reflect on today, help us see and acknowledge your many-faceted presence so that we may recognise your steadfast love and open our hearts to joyfully praising and thanking you as the children did beside the Red Sea through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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