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2 November 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Wednesday 2 November 2016 
Morning Prayer

Psalms 5 and 6

This first psalm asks for God to hear the prayers of the victim of harmful lies. God has no time for wickedness. The psalmist will go to the temple knowing that he too is not yet righteous and needs help to stay on the path. The psalmist takes the problem to God and does not retaliate. Instead he asks for all who take refuge in the Lord to experience joy and protection and exult and bless the Lord.

Debilitating and terrifying illness has struck the psalmist. It is shaking the psalmist’s faith. God is asked to lovingly respond. The psalmist stands against evil and proclaims the Lord’s swift response.

Nehemiah 9: 26 – 38

Nehemiah continues the general confession of the people. He acknowledges that their disobedience is the reason they were in captivity and are still under harsh rule. In the confessions Nehemiah recounts the times the people in trouble called to God and were sent a saviour and forgiven. He draws up an agreement in writing to be signed by all officials, Levites and priests.

Matthew 21: 23 – 32

When Jesus was teaching in the temple the chief priests and elders question him on his authority. He asks them first about the authority of John the Baptist. They cannot answer – they see a catch. Equally Jesus will not answer because their question is a trap. He tells a parable. A man instructs his sons to do a task. The first refuses then changes his mind and does it. The seconds promises to do it but does not. Jesus asks which son does the will of the father? They answer: the first son.

Jesus explains the tax collectors and sinners who repented because they believed John are like the first son, doing the father’s will. But the priests and elders who don’t believe John, who didn’t change their minds, will not see the Kingdom of God.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Just like kangaroo
Armadale WA  L Osburn
Merciful and loving God, you love us so much you gave your only Son to die for us. We all, in our own ways, have stubborn shoulders and stiffened necks. We all from time to time say “no” to you or “not yet” or “tomorrow” and when we come to you repentant you forgive us. Help us to get over ourselves and be humble. Help us to choose you first, listen to you and do your will first so that we behave like your people of faith and you can delight in us through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday 2 November 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalms 7 and 8

In the first psalm, someone who was an ally has been harmed and the blame is being focused on the psalmist. The psalmist seeks God’s protection, calls on God to search him out and judge. The psalmist is also aware that the snares the wicked set can turn against them. The psalmist is confident in a right relationship with God and is willing to repent. The psalmist promises to praise God when rescued.

God’s majesty is praised. Every human sound is praise to God. And the psalmist marvels at that. How is it that humans have such a special place when we consider the expanse of the heavens? The psalm ends in awe, wonder and praise.

Daniel 10: 18 – 11: 13

Again the angel in human form touches Daniel and tells him not to fear, to be courageous, he is safe. The angel goes on the reveal the future processions of kings and powers (which the Bible commentators match with subsequent events).

Revelation 2: 1 – 7

John is to write to the Ephesians. The letter acknowledges their faith, due diligence in testing apostles and finding the false ones, their enduring patience and bearing up for the sake of Jesus. They are however weary. They have abandoned the love they first had and stopped doing the good works they first did. They need to repent or stop being a church. To their credit they have not been caught up in defiling themselves. They are, if they have ears, to listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

Collect for Evening Prayer
Native grasses in the light
Armadale WA  L Osburn

Nurturing God you want us to be alive and full of energy for you, to have no fear, to be courageous and know we are safe with you. Be with us in the stillness now. Help us take stock and be aware of those things we have let get in the way. Help us turn around. Help us too to see where we are strong and faithful so that your Spirit takes a swift, firm hold on our hearts, lifts them to you and returns us to the heights of your joy and love so that we restore your church through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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