Thursday, 17 November 2016

17 November 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Thursday 17 November 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalm 40

The psalmist tells the whole congregation of how God delivered him from desolation and being stuck. He sings a new song of praise telling of God’s innumerable deeds.

God listens even when no sacrifice is offered. God wants us to fulfil the Law and do God’s will.

The psalmist asks for more aid: past sins assail him and people want to take his life, to hurt and ridicule him. He prays for those who do God’s will and repeats the request for deliverance.

Zechariah 11: 4 – 17

In Zechariah’s oracle God tells him to be the shepherd for a flock of sheep about to be slaughtered.

The people, who buy the sheep, kill them without punishment or sell them and become rich and bless the Lord. There is no protection. The sheep and earth are being devastated.

In this oracle Zechariah becomes a shepherd and has two staffs one called Favour and one called Unity. He dismisses three shepherds who detest God. He breaks the staff called Favour and leaves the sheep to their fate – annulling the covenant made with the people.  The sheep merchants who can see what is going on give the shepherd 30 shekels of silver in wages. Zechariah is told by God to put these into the temple treasury. Then he breaks the staff of Unity annulling the ties between Israel and Judah. God tells Zechariah to take up the implements of a worthless shepherd. The one who will rule these people is someone who doesn’t care for the perishing, does not seek the wandering or heal the maimed or nourish the healthy. This shepherd of the people is cursed.

Matthew 25: 31 – 46

When the Son of Man comes in Glory there will be a separation of people from all nations into two groups: the sheep and the goats. The sheep will immediately be welcomes and inherit the kingdom prepared for them. They have cared for and nourished God. These righteous ones will ask when did they do that. God answers that when they did it for even the least of God’s family, they did it for God.  And to the accursed ones, God banishes them for not caring for or nourishing God. When they protest God also replies that when they did not do it for even the least of God’s family, they did not do it for God.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Heavenly choir and orchestra with the faces
of children who attended school at
New Norcia Benedictine Community
WA  L Osburn
Holy and magnificent God you make it clear in the scriptures that it is your will that we care for each other. When we care for others: for those dying, for the lost, the sick, the injured and the healthy whether they need food, drink clothing, a welcome, nurturing or a visit, we are loving you. Peel back the scales from our eyes so that we may see. Motivate us to love one another as you have loved us through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord and Your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

Thursday 17 November 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalms 42 and 43

The psalmist longs for God. In deep distress his soul thirsts for God. He recalls the times in the past he has been part of the celebrations. He is in the depths of despair, oppressed by an enemy. The psalmist tells his soul to hope in God for a time of praise will come – God is our help.

Again ungodly people oppress the psalmist. God’s light and truth are requested. They will lead us back to worship, to joy and praise. The psalmist tells his soul to hope in God. A time of praise will come – God is our help.

Wisdom 6: 17 – 7: 6

The beginning of wisdom is the desire for instruction – to love instruction. Wisdom brings one nearer to God. Therefore if you want to be a ruler, honour wisdom. Wisdom was present at the creation of the world. Increasing wisdom will be the salvation of the world and bring stability to peoples. Everyone was conceived, born, fell over and cried. No one has a different beginning and no one has a different end.

Revelation 9: 1 - 12

At the sound of the fifth trumpet a star that had fallen is given a key that opens a bottomless pit. Smoke rises darkening everything. Then comes a swarm of locusts given authority to not harm any plant or creature except those who have no seal on their forehead. Those are to suffer torture for 5 months. They will seek death and not find it. The locusts are described as an amalgam of many things. Over them is the one in charge of the bottomless pit who is called Abaddon or destruction. This is the first woe there are two more to come.

Collect for Evening Prayer
Learning and being open to take in
what this means
New Norcia Benedictine Community
WA  L Osburn

Great teacher and Lord you show us that you are our help, and that our desire to be taught and to grow in knowledge and love of you will bring us to a place of wisdom. Help us reflect on the motivation we need to seek you continuously. Help us to know how to reach and motivate others to seek you too so that we are yours and eternally safe in your arms through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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