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26 October 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Wednesday 26 October 2016 
Morning Prayer

Psalms 137: 1 – 6 (7 – 9) and 138

The song of the exiles... “By the river of Babylon”. The psalmist feels the pain and anguish of the destruction of Jerusalem and worries about forgetting yet finding it impossible to sing.

The second psalm is a song of praise and deliverance and ends with the psalmist faithfully claiming, “the Lord will fulfil his purpose for me” (v.8).

Nehemiah 5: 1 – 13

As a result of building the wall the returning exiles need to buy food, rather than produce it. The famine and taxes mean borrowing money. Interest payments force families to put their children into slavery and in turn some of the daughters have been raped. Nehemiah, angry calls a meeting and charges those who take interest. He argues that as a community they freed people from slavery and exile. He forces them to be aware that these are our people. He insists everyone’s lands and property be restored and the interest returned. He calls the priests so that all may take solemn oaths. He turns his pocket inside out and shakes it saying those who do not fulfil their promise “may God shake them from their own house and property” (v.13). The people praise God and say Amen.

Matthew 19: 1 – 15

Jesus is asked about divorce. He says the original intent was that men and women marry and become one and not be torn apart. The questioners ask why then did Moses set up a divorce process. Jesus answers, because the people were too hard hearted – they are not as was initially intended. So, from the creation perspective it is adultery but from the here and now perspective, not everyone can accept it. He then talks about eunuchs – some are born that way, some are made eunuchs and some become so as a devotional act. Not everyone can do this.

People bring children to Jesus to lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples oppose this but Jesus welcomes them and says, “it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs” (v.14). He lays hands on them and blesses them.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Every hand hewn piece is different
Sue's Bridge Blackwood River
WA  L Osburn
Gracious God you uphold people while they are falling, you lift up people who are oppressed, you recognise that we are who we are and can take into our hearts and minds only what we can. You recognise us with all our quirks, blemishes and our faith. Help us to remember that we are all your children: that we have obligations to each other, to support each other and to bless each other as you blessed the children so that we build your community of faith and bring glory and honour to you through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Wednesday 26 October 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalm 139

The psalmist loves, reveres and understands the majesty and ever-presence of God. He wants to distance himself from anyone and anything that is opposed to God – to actively step away. He appeals to God to examine him, test him and lead him in the right way.

Daniel 7: 15 – 28

In Daniel’s vision he approaches one of the beings attending God for an interpretation of the vision because it is too terrifying and too puzzling. There will be four kings. The fourth will be different and from it ten kingdoms will arise then an eleventh that will speak against God and attempt to change holy law. This rule will last a time (for a time, two times and half a time). Then judgement will occur and an everlasting kingdom will be given to God’s people.

2 Peter 2: 1 – 11

Peter warns of false teachers and prophets, who will deny key parts of the gospel, oppress and deceive. If God brought punishment before, and Peter lists key events including punishing angels, then these false ones will be punished. And as righteous people were saved in the past so the faithful will be rescued from trial.

Collect for Evening Prayer
Into the light
By the Blackwood River WA
L Osburn

Gracious and almighty God you care for all creation and us. You encourage us to keep our eyes on you. In this world of change, political turmoil and challenge, give us the awareness and conviction to know that you are with us, standing. Enable us to step out boldly in your name to build community, gather outcasts, heal the broken-hearted and bind their wounds with your love through Jesus Christ and your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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