Saturday, 3 September 2016

4 September 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Sunday 4 September 2016 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 74

This psalm is one of community lament.  Enemies have come and destroyed the city, the temple and everything that gives identity to the people. An appeal is made to God using stories of creation and God’s past provision for the people. The enemy ridicules and the soul of the people is at risk of being destroyed. The psalmist asks to Lord to rise up for the people’s sake.

Luke 16: 10 – 18 

The little things we do in our communities and do faithfully really do matter.

The Pharisees ridicule Jesus. Jesus responds by upholding all the law and the prophets.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Near Nanup WA  L Osburn
God of the ages, consistent and true, be with us as we are constantly pulled between our own desires, - those things that will bring us fame and praise - and the things we do that matter to you. Help us chose the right way. Help us to live out your law in diligence so that we are always faithful to you and so that we are able to do your will and bring your kingdom through the power of your Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Sunday 4 September 2016
Evening Prayer

Jeremiah 15: 15 – 21

Jeremiah laments his personal situation. Here he is well behaved in the community yet a man of strife and contention. Jeremiah asks for retribution on his persecutors. Jeremiah appeals to God that he has shown he loves God’s word and feels God’s hand on him as a heavy weight. Jeremiah utters that his pain is unceasing and his wounds incurable. God replies that if Jeremiah goes back to work and serves as God’s mouth people will begin to listen and Jeremiah will be strengthened “a fortified wall of bronze” (v.20). Jeremiah will be safe.

Psalm 1

People who set themselves apart from all the turmoil of the world, who contemplate God, and God’s laws are like trees with good soil and water that bear fruit, don’t wither but prosper. The wicked are like chaff – an empty hull – they will not be with God at the end.

Colossians 3: 22 – 4: 9

When we work, we are to work as if we are working for God. Our real reward and inheritance is from God.

We are to pray, give thanks, pray for Christians who are in prison on account of their faith, conduct ourselves wisely and be efficient, speak graciously to others in thoughtfully, informed not flowery ways.

Paul recommends the disciples who are bringing the letter.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Solo pipe loading
Gladstone Qld L Osburn
Wonderful God, creator of all things, strengthen us to do your will, to step beyond personal pain and discomfort and to do our work as if all tasks are tasks for you so that we, knowing we will be with your at the end, are strengthened in your love through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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