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29 September 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Thursday 29 September 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalm 69: 1 – 16

This psalmist is a lowly servant of the Lord and through zeal has done something that causes him to be the butt of jokes and ridicule. The psalmist is fasting and in sackcloth. He pleads for deliverance and praises God.

Ezra 2: 64 – 3: 8

The people return from exile and give free will offerings for the construction of the temple. The altar is constructed first and the priests and Levites make offerings as prescribed by Mosaic Law. They celebrate the Festival of the Booths and 2 years after their arrival begin the foundation work for the temple.

Matthew 10: 1 – 15

Jesus appoints 12 of the disciples and gifts them with the authority to cast out unclean spirits, cure every disease and every sickness. His charge to them is that since they receive this gift without having to pay, neither should the people pay for the healing. They are to approach towns and houses in peace, if accepted offer blessings of peace but if rejected they are to be peace. They are to go as they are, without extra clothes or encumbrances.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Pink Dogwood in Bloom
Harrietville Vic L Osburn
Gracious and generous God, your message is about our freedom. We may be alienated or exiled but through our free choice we can return to you. You grant us abilities to use for others: to pass it on. May we today freely and gently give our abilities, given by your grace, so that the lives of others are made better through us, your peace flows through the world and we begin building the foundations for your kingdom through Jesus Christ who gave His life for us. Amen.

Thursday 29 September 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalm 69: 17 – 23 (24 – 30) 31 – 38

The psalmist praises the Lord and is suffering from insults and dishonour. When he goes for counsel and support the response is bitter, and heart-breaking – no real compassion. The psalmist is very angry, he wants God’s wrath to destroy and punish, but he leaves that anger with and for God. The psalmist praises God, who unlike a God in the form of a bull, will listen. The psalmist ends in praise and a plea to God to come quickly.

1 Maccabees 4: 37 – 61

Judas, seeing that the enemies are crushed goes with his brothers to the ruins of the temple. They are distressed at what they see and mourn. They send a group to fight the remaining enemy in the citadel, cleanse the sanctuary, dismantle the profaned altar and store the stones. They build a new altar. Then begins the rebuilding and refurbishment. When completed all celebrate and Judas declares an annual celebration of the temple. Finally they fortify the city walls and set up a garrison to protect Jerusalem.

Colossians 2: 1 – 7

Paul wants us to be encouraged and united in love, to have assured understanding and the knowledge of God’s mystery: Christ. As we have received Christ we are to continue to live our lives, rooted, established and grounded in Christ and to give thanks.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Harrietville Vic L Osburn
Holy and wonderful God you are worthy of thanks and praise. Enable us to feel your encouraging love and to know that when we are in tough times you will fight for us so that we can focus on clearing out our lives through prayer, study, and action in supporting others in love and so be reminded that through Christ we are already victorious and members of your kingdom. Amen

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