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3 August 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Wednesday 3 August 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalm 78: 16 – 38

This portion of the psalm recounts the complaints against God when the Israelites are in the desert with Moses. Water is produced from rocks, food falls from heaven, both bread and birds. They have little faith and yet when they repent, God forgives.

Hosea 8

Hosea continues the indictment of the Israel who has been worshipping idols and other Gods and setting up kings without seeking God’s will. Israel has forgotten her maker and will return to slavery.

John 11: 38 – 54

Jesus comes to Lazarus’s tomb and asks for help to open it. Martha warns him of the stench. Jesus reminds her that he had just said if she believed she would see the glory of God. Jesus prays aloud so that all understand God is doing this not Jesus. He calls Lazarus who comes out. Jesus instructs them to free Lazarus from the wrappings.

The Jews who witness Lazarus’s restoration believe in Jesus and spread the news. The Pharisees and chief priests are aware of a potential backlash from the Roman occupation forces. Caiaphas says that it is better for one person to die for the nation than for everyone to be destroyed and Caiaphas prophesies that Jesus’s death would not only be for the nation but all the children of God. Jesus knows the risks and goes north towards the wilderness.

Collect for Morning Prayer

ON the Bon Accord Track
Alpine National Park Victoria  L Osburn
Glorious God of restoration, provision and hope, you do not want even one of us to be lost. May we, like Jesus, walk in truth and have faith and trust in you alone so that by our lives and actions your glory may be revealed and others come to know and love you through Jesus Christ or Lord. Amen.

Wednesday 3 August 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalms 78: 39 - 70

The psalmist shows how short the memories of humans are and how fickle. The Israelites in the desert did not remember or take into account the miracles of God that enabled their freedom. They had little faith. God held on and made decisions about the future of the people and who would lead them, for example choosing the line of Judah rather than the line of Joseph: choosing David and Mt Zion. Whether humans are faithful or not, God still guides us.

Lamentations 2: 1 – 10

Israel and the temple are utterly destroyed and abandoned. The people, old and young mourn.

Romans 8: 1 – 6

For those who are in Christ there is no condemnation. Those who live according to the Spirit, who set their minds on the things of the Spirit, will have life and peace. Those who set their minds on selfish concerns – on their needs and achievements will find only death.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Old Telegraph Station
Eucla WA  L Osburn
Compassionate and loving God you are with us through destruction, slavery and exile and you are there when we call on you even when our lives and selfish pursuits result in grief. Turn our hearts and minds to you so that loving you and walking in your Spirit we may obtain your life, your freedom, your guidance and your peace through Jesus Christ, Amen.

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