Friday, 17 June 2016

17 June 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 17 June 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalm 106: 1 – 24

The psalmist begins praising God and marvelling at God’s faithful love and great deeds. He then charges that we like the people of the past – from the Exodus to the time of Aaron – go astray.

 2 Chronicles 9: 1 – 12

Solomon's fame spreads. The Queen of Sheba comes to visit with hard questions to test him and matters she wishes to discuss. He answers everything and helps to clarify things. She is quite deflated and declares that everything said about Solomon's wisdom is true. She blesses Solomon, the people and the Lord God Solomon worships. She then gives Solomon gold, spices and precious stones.

Moreover, the servants of Haram and Solomon's own people who went to Ophir return with gold, wood and precious stones. With the wood he has steps made for the temple and his own house and lyres and musical instruments.

Acts 11: 1 – 18

The believers in Judea hear that Peter has baptised people from other nations. They criticise him. He tells then the whole story of the vision, the visit, Cornelius’s report of his vision and that there are believers present who witnessed these events. Peter tells them that the Holy Spirit fell on the Caesareans just as it had in the beginning. He recalls the words of Jesus “John baptised with water but you will baptise with the Holy Spirit.” They praise God saying, “God has given to the people of other nations the repentance that leads to life.”

Collect for Morning Prayer

At the top of the waterfall
Tronoh Dredge-hole
Harrietville Vic L Osburn
Faithful loving and generous God you give by your grace, gifts of the spirit to people of every nation. Help us recognise that we are just like the people of the past, we go astray, we criticise what we don't understand and we put others to the test. Turn our hearts and minds to your truth so that we are prepared, willing and activated to pass the knowledge of you to others so that they too may be baptised in your spirit and experience your faithful love, wondrous deeds, gifts of wisdom and grace through the power of your Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Friday 17 June 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalm 106: 25 – 50

The ancient people kept shifting allegiance and worshipping other gods. They even conducted live sacrifice of their children. Yet God delivered them, showed compassion. The psalmist asks for God to gather us in to give thanks, glory and praise to God.

Proverbs 14: 7 – 19

Compares the wise and good to the foolish, scheming and evil. The wise know where they are going, consider matters, turn from evil and flourish.

The heart knows its own joy and sadness. Joy leads to grief.

2 Corinthians 12: 14 – 21

Paul talks about his next visit and how he will again pay for himself and love them some more. He reiterates that neither he nor those he sent took any advantage. He expresses his concerns about the next visit and hopes there will not be quarrelling or jealousy, slander or conceit. When he comes he wants to come humbly. He is worried that he might have to mourn those who have sinned and not repented.

Collect for Evening Prayer

The waterfall
Tronoh Dredge-hole
Harrietville Vic L Osburn
God of great goodness you gather us in, deliver us and give us the capacity to praise and thank you. Keep our hearts alive and open so that we hear what really brings joy and sadness and so that we learn repentance is freedom and coming humbly is joy in everything we do through the power of your Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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