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6 May 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 6 May 2016
Morning Prayer
Observing John the Apostle and Evangelist

Psalm 1

People who set themselves apart from all the turmoil of the world, who contemplate God, and God’s laws are like trees with good soil and water that bear fruit, don’t wither but prosper. The wicked are like chaff – an empty hull – they will not be with God at the end.

Exodus 33: 7 – 11a

There is the priestly tabernacle tent in the middle of the camp and a second tent that Moses sets at a distance called the meeting tent. Here Moses talks directly with God. A pillar of cloud appears t the entrance of the tent when God is speaking with Moses. The people seeing this would rise and bow down. God speaks with Moses as anyone would a friend.

John 1: 1 – 18

John begins by placing The Word as the beginning of creation and God. Through The Word everything seen and unseen (like hope or authority) was created. In The Word and God is life, and life itself is the light that shines through darkness.

John the Baptist is introduced as preparing people for the light to come into the world. John the Baptist was not the light.

The light was already in the world and not being recognised. Those who believed in the light were given the right to be children of God: born of God (not like regular birth).

Thus the Word became human, lived with us and John testifies to seeing his glory calling him the One and Only. John says, we have received grace and truth through Christ just as we received the Law through Moses. No one has every seen God but the One and Only is at God’s side and has made God known.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Proving, shaping, glazing and decorating: before we bake
Harrietville Vic L Osburn
Eternal triune God you speak to us as friends and your children. You live with us granting us your grace and truth. Help us to get ourselves prepared and to make the effort to come to you so that we are counted among your faithful are honoured to stand before you in judgement and yield our fruit for you in the right season through Jesus Christ our saviour redeemer and friend. Amen.

Friday 6 May 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalm 97

This psalm praises the might and power and righteousness of God. Idols are nothing. Our Lord loves us, guards us and rescues us. Joy fills our hearts. Rejoice.

Isaiah 28: 14 – 29

Isaiah addresses the scoffers who believe they will be safe from the oncoming invasion for they will lie about their location and hide in another place. They have made a covenant with death. God however laid a foundation corner stone on Mt Zion: justice is the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line for constructing the sanctuary. So their hiding place will be swept away and trampled. This message should strike terror and be uncomfortable – like sleeping in a bed where the bedclothes are too short and narrow. Isaiah warns the scoffers to stop mocking; it is just making their position worse.

Isaiah uses a parable of farming to explain that God has different methods (like farmers have for different grains or seeds) and after the ploughing and the threshing comes grinding if you want to make flour. God is about to thresh and grind the people.

Titus 2

Paul instructs Titus to teach sound doctrine and right behaviour consistent with the times and culture to the elders, women, young people and slaves. We are to renounce impiety and worldly passions, to live lives that are self-controlled upright and godly while we wait for Jesus.

Collect for Evening Prayer

In the same season one crop flowers,
one is burnt off
Rutherglen Vic  L Osburn
Holy Lord you have set the foundation for our lives as justice and righteousness. You guard the faithful and protect us from the wicked. Since there is no hiding place from you help us to live lives of self-control, uprightness and godliness recognising that you will act as the times and circumstances require – different things for different people and conditions - so that we fully and faithfully sing praise to you our sovereign Lord through Jesus Christ our saviour redeemer and friend. Amen.

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