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2 May 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Monday 2 May 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalms 5 and 6

This first psalm asks for God to hear the prayers of the victim of harmful lies. God has no time for wickedness. The psalmist will go to the temple knowing that he too is not yet righteous and needs help to stay on the path. The psalmist takes the problem to God and does not retaliate. Instead he asks for all who take refuge in the Lord to experience joy and protection and exult and bless the Lord.

Debilitating and terrifying illness has struck the psalmist. It is shaking the psalmist’s faith. God is asked to lovingly respond. The psalmist stands against evil and proclaims the Lord’s swift response.

Numbers 20: 1 – 21

In Kadesh and there is no water and the people complain. Moses and Aaron pray. God instructs Moses to tell a set of rocks to release water. Instead Moses hits the rocks with his staff. Moses’ disobedience is not acknowledging that it is God who makes the water appear, not human action. Moses’s access to the Promised Land is denied. The waters where this occurred are called Meribah.

The Israelites attempt to go north through Edom but are not given permission to pass through that territory even on the highway and are repelled by a large armed force.

John 14: 8 – 17

Philip asks Jesus to show the disciples the Father. Jesus responds, if we have seen him we have seen the Father; if we have heard his words we have heard the Father’s words; if we have seen his deeds we have seen the Father’s deeds. The Father and Jesus are one.

He challenges them that even if they do not believe he and the Father are one to believe the deeds – the Father’s actions.

Jesus says those who believe will do greater things because he is going to the Father. However, if we ask in Jesus’s name he will do what we ask so that God can be glorified through him.

Jesus says that if we love Him and keep his commandments the Advocate, the Spirit of Truth will be given to us and abide in us.

Collect for Morning Prayer

In Rev Vicki's Garden
Gladstone Qld L Osburn
Loving and compassionate God it is you who produces the miracles, the refuge and provides what we need. It is you who came to us and lived with us and you promised your spirit of truth to us. Wherever we are, in conflict, ill or deprived; be with us. When we are surrounded by lies, wickedness, complaints and disobedience, help us to come to you, to seek you, to take our problems to you believing in Jesus and your loving response so that we are the vessels of your truth and in a myriad of ways bring your love to others through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord. Amen.

Monday 2 May 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalms 7 and 8

In the first psalm, someone who was an ally has been harmed and the blame is being focused on the psalmist. The psalmist seeks God’s protection, calls on God to search him out and judge. The psalmist is also aware that the snares the wicked set can turn against them. The psalmist is confident in a right relationship with God and is willing to repent. The psalmist promises to praise God when rescued.

God’s majesty is praised. Every human sound is praise to God. And the psalmist marvels at that. How is it that humans have such a special place when we consider the expanse of the heavens? The psalm ends in awe, wonder and praise.

Exodus 35: 20 – 36: 7

Moses requests from the people materials, metal, cloth, wood and stones for the tent of meeting and official garments. Only those people whose hearts are stirred and spirit is willing, give. Women spin and weave cloth. People give jewellery, acacia wood, skins and fine leather.

A gifted designer and crafts team is named and they begin work. The people are so generous the team ask Moses to ask the people to stop. There is more than enough.

1 Corinthians 10: 1 - 11

Paul uses the story of the exodus to instruct. The ancient people were lead by fire and the cloud with Moses. They passed through water, and they ate holy food. Yet they still did the wrong thing and were struck down. Paul asks us to take this example. We are to shun idolatry, not to be immoral, not to put Christ to the test and not to complain.

Collect for Evening Prayer

The Holy Spirit outpouring
St Saviours Anglican Church
Gladstone Queensland  L Osburn
Loving and creative God, your gifts to us are beyond measure and include wonderful skills, talents and abilities. By your Holy Spirit, kindle in us willing hearts to give of ourselves, to use our creative abilities for the strengthening of your people, the growth of your kingdom and the proclamation of your glory through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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