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10 May 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Tuesday 10 May 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalm 25

This psalm is a plea for protection from personal enemies. The psalmist asks for guidance and forgiveness and to be taught God’s way and truth. God is asked to guard our lives, deliver us, allow us to have refuge and for our integrity and righteousness to preserve us.

Numbers 23: 13 – 30

Again Balak (king of Moab) takes Balaam (diviner from Mesopotamia) to a different place where they can see the nation of Israel. Again seven altars are constructed for sacrifice of a ram and bull on each. Balaam stands aside to hear God’s word.

Balaam says: God does not lie, He does not change his mind and, He speaks and it is done. Balaam says God told him to bless so he blessed. There is no misfortune for Israel. God is with them. It shall be said, “See what God has done!”

Balak, unhappy, takes Balaam to yet another place where altars are built and sacrifices made.

John 16: 25 – 17: 5

Jesus tells the disciples that he uses figures of speech to help them understand what he means. Jesus will teach them more clearly in days to come not through speech. Then they will ask God for things in Jesus’s name because God loves them and they believe in Jesus. Jesus is going to the Father.

The disciples say they understand that Jesus knows all things and that Jesus is from God. Jesus gently challenges them and says that soon they will be scattered, will go home and leave Jesus. But Jesus will not be alone – God is with Him. He warns them that they will be persecuted and to have courage.

Jesus prays: the hour has come for Jesus and God to be glorified, for Christ to have the authority to give eternal life and for the people to know God, the only God and Jesus who is from God. Jesus says he has glorified God by doing the work he was sent to do and asks now to re-experience God’s glory as he did before earth was created.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Crimson Rosellas
The Abbey Benedictine Community
Jamberoo NSW  L Osburn
 Holy and almighty God you are the friend and saviour of those who revere you, believe in you and do your will. Help us today to hear your voice over the clamour of the world, our fears, our guilt and our will, so that we may stand with you unashamed, beside you through all events and recognise your great blessings and those you bless and say “See what God has done!” through Jesus Christ our saviour and giver of eternal life. Amen

Tuesday 10 May 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalm 27

“The Lord is my light and salvation: whom shall I fear?”  The psalmist seeks God’s face, God’s teaching and God’s level path and ends with, “Wait for the Lord: be strong and let your heart take courage: wait for the Lord.”

Deuteronomy 31: 23 – 32: 9

God commissions Joshua to lead the people into the Promised Land. Moses completes the Book of Law and decrees that it should be with the Ark of the Covenant because the people will rebel again and need the reminder. He recites the Book of Law to the elders. Moses recites his song proclaiming the greatness of God and how the Israelites are under the direct care and concern of the one almighty God.

1 Corinthians 12: 1 – 13

Paul explains the spiritual gifts. The Spirit of God within would never curse Jesus but will proclaim Jesus Lord. There is only one Spirit and many gifts and many out-workings of that Spirit but it is God alone who activates the Spirit in people for the good of all. Some will speak wisely and others will share knowledge. Some will have great faith, do miracles, prophecy, some speak in tongues and others interpret that speech. Whatever the gifts and their out-workings we are united as one body in Christ through baptism and all have the same spirit within.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Lyre-bird one of the great mimics
(can mimic the sound of a chainsaw)
The Abbey Benedictine Community
Jamberoo NSW  L Osburn
God of unity might and strength you have baptised us into your spirit and give us diverse gifts to enable us to do your will. Keep us in your spirit Lord so that we slough of fear, rebellion, guilt and the tendency to build yet another idol, that our hearts seek you and revel in your strength, justice, faithfulness and goodness as revealed in our lives and, that we celebrate the diverse gifts activated by your spirit in your faithful people through Jesus Christ our eternal deliverer. Amen

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