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9 March 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Wednesday 9 March 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalm 22: 1 – 22

This portion of the psalm is a solemn prayer for deliverance from a dreadful illness. It is an illness that has detractors circling the psalmist. The psalmist feels alone and separated from God but is reminded of all the times God was there in the past for the Israelites. The psalmist is humble, asks to be saved not just from the illness but also from any temptation.

Jeremiah 37

Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon makes Zedekiah King. He plans to revolt against the Babylonians. The Egyptians arrive and as the Babylonians go to confront them, the siege of Jerusalem is lifted. The Lord tells Jeremiah that the Egyptian presence in the land will be brief, the Babylonians will return, and Jerusalem will burn.

Since the siege is lifted Jeremiah decides to go to his hometown for personal business but is arrested at the gate and accused of deserting. He is imprisoned in the cistern room of Jonathon the secretary’s house – now a prison.
Zedekiah calls for Jeremiah and asks, “Is there any word from the Lord?” (v.17). Jeremiah gives news, which gives no support to Zedekiah’s planned revolt against Babylonian rule. Jeremiah asks not to be sent back to Jonathon’s house. He is put in the King’s court of the guard and guaranteed food while supplies last.

Luke 18: 31 – 43

Jesus tells the disciples they are going to Jerusalem and exactly what is going to happen to him – including the resurrection. They do not understand.

Near Jericho they are walking and a blind beggar calls to Jesus, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” (v.38). Jesus asks what the blind man wants. His sight is restored and he follows Jesus glorifying God.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Suspension bridge
Karri Forest Nanup WA L Osburn
 Great and wonderful God you lead us, guide us and restore us. You lead us to calm and to faith through your actions in the past recorded in scripture. You lead us even when we rebel. You lead us especially when we don’t understand. Help us to listen to you today and to trust in your goodness and grace so that we follow as your disciples did on that journey to Jerusalem through Jesus Christ our Lord and the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Wednesday 9 March 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalms 22: 23 – 32 and 23

The second section of the psalm, calls for all people who respect and honour God to praise him, glorify him and stand in awe of him! God has delivered the psalmist from deadly illness and this evidence shows that all God’s promises are secure. The Lord rules in all places and future generations will continue God’s praise.

This is the well-known 23rd Psalm. The Lord is compared to a shepherd who makes sure the sheep are well pastured, have clean water, are at peace and have nothing to fear. God makes us holy (anoints us) and gives us good things our whole life long.

Exodus 3

Moses encounters God on Mt Horeb. His attention is first drawn to a burning bush that seems not to be consumed. Moses is humble, listens, and is commissioned by God to go to Egypt, free the Hebrews and return to Mt Horeb to worship. God tells Moses how to name him (I AM), that he will use his might and wonders to make the Egyptians grateful that the Hebrews leave.

Hebrews 12: 25 – 29

Where we are headed is the dwelling place of God. We can choose to road to Mt Sinai or the Road to Zion. If we take the first it is up to us. If we take the second we will be introduced by Jesus, already refined, already with the dross shaken off us. So when the shaking and refining happens – we are unshakable.

Collect for Evening Prayer

View from the suspension bridge
Karri Forest Nanup WA L Osburn
Gracious God, you call us to you. Help us to keep our eyes on you, our leader and our guide and to know with confidence that when we come into your presence Jesus will introduce us to you as your children through Jesus Christ and the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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