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5 March 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Saturday 5 March 2016
Morning Prayer

Psalms 15 and 16

The first psalm lists the moral characteristics of people who are permitted in the temple. People who tell the truth, care for their neighbour and behave ethically.

The second psalm praises and blesses God and delights in the faithful. The psalmist commits to support people of faith and uses personal testimony of how God has enriched his life.

Jeremiah 35

Jeremiah is instructed to invite the Rechabites to the temple and offer them wine. The Rechabites refuse saying their ancestor Jonadab, forbade them to drink wine, or farm but to live in tents. They have obeyed.
God then instructs Jeremiah to use the Rechabites as an example of a people who listen. The Rechabites are promised a future. The people of Judah are not listening nor answering when called.

Luke 17: 20 – 37

Jesus talks about the Kingdom. First it is here and we can read the signs of Jesus’s time – the miracles, the healing. We can also act to bring the Kingdom by doing things about poverty, suffering and wars now, since the Kingdom is with us through Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. And the final Kingdom of God’s glory is still to come, in God’s time and God’s place.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Celebrating World day of Prayer
St George's Anglican Church Tullibigeal NSW
and the ecumenical community
L Osburn
 Almighty God, you give us clear words of instruction and guidance and you sent your Son to live with us and give us many signs. Help us to open our ears to you, to respond to your call and to do your will now to bring the experience of your Kingdom here. Help us too, to be diligent in prayer and praise as we wait for the coming of your Kingdom in its glory through Jesus Christ our Lord and the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Saturday 5 March 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalm 17: 1 – 13 (14) 15 - 16

The psalmist is a faithful and devout person who has been beset by wicked enemies. God’s protection and care is requested. God is asked to overthrow the wickedness. The psalmist wants relationships restored: him with God, the people with God and with him.

Genesis 50: 7 – 26

Joseph his brothers and a great company of Egyptians Take Jacob’s body back to Canaan. They mourn 7 days and then bury him as requested. On return to Egypt the brothers come to Joseph and confess and ask forgiveness. He weeps, and then responds that he is not God and that all they did was part of God’s plan. He promises to care for them and their families. Before he dies he asks that when God comes to call them back, that they are to carry his bones back with them. Joseph dies aged 110, is embalmed and placed in a coffin in Egypt.

Hebrews 11: 29 – 40

The writer here talks of more recent people who were righteous, journeyed and/ or suffered for their faith. This is the culmination of the great list of faithful beginning at Abel. But, the writer pauses and says, “Yet all these... Did not receive what was promised...” What was promised was salvation. The ancients are not perfect, we are not perfect but we all need each other as part of the great cord of salvation made possible by Christ. We are part of that chain of salvation that links us, through all the faithful, back to Abel.

Collect for Evening Prayer

On the long journey
Near Jerilderie NSW   L Osburn
God of our salvation, you have stood with your people from our beginnings and led those who were willing through paths of righteousness, long journeys and suffering for your sake. Help us at this moment to feel that connection we have by your gift of salvation to your faithful of every age. Strengthen us in our faith and light that spark of joy and gratitude in our hearts through Jesus Christ our saviour and redeemer and your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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