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21 February 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Sunday 21 February 2016 
Morning Prayer 

Psalm 121

Our help comes from the Lord. God never sleeps. God protects, shades and keeps us from evil. The Lord protects our going out and our coming in.

Galatians 4: 1 – 11

Just like little children who are heirs to a great house, while we are little we have no say; we have to be obedient to the rules. So the rules, the Mosaic Law is there. But God sent his son to redeem us and we are now adopted as God’s children. Because we are God’s children we have received the Spirit of Jesus in our hearts so we can call God “Daddy”.

Paul is concerned that the Galatians have started observing old festivals that belong to the elemental spirits or traditional Jewish rubrics they followed before they were Christian. For Paul, this is “backsliding” and he worries that he has wasted his time with them.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Lake Mulwala NSW   L Osburn
 Daddy, Abba, Father we thank you for your everlasting protection, redemption, guidance and love. Keep us this day from focusing on any false gods, idols, distractions and just centre ourselves in and with you through Jesus Christ our Lord and your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

Sunday 21 February 2016
Evening Prayer

Psalm 119: 121 – 136

The psalmist is distressed fearing that oppression by the ungodly is immanent. Watching out for God’s salvation and for the fulfilment of God’s promise leads to failed vision. The psalmist aware of a lack of understanding, cries out to be taught the statutes, to understand and for God to act against the breaking of the Law. “Truly I love your commandments more than gold, more than fine gold”.

The psalmist declares a passion for the scripture and the commandments. There too is recognition that others do not share this zeal and that leads to persecution.

Exodus 11: 1 – 10

God tells Moses there will be one last plague after which Pharaoh will drive the Israelites out of Egypt. God instructs Moses to tell the Israelites to ask their neighbours for objects of silver and gold. Moses warns Pharaoh of the plague to come – the death of the first-born and that his officials will come, bow down and ask Moses to take the Israelites away. God also says to Moses that Pharaoh’s heart will continue to be hardened so that God’s wonders can many in Egypt. The last plague will not be avoided.

Luke 22: 39 – 53

Jesus at the Mount of Olives instructs the disciples to pray that they may not come to the time of trial. He goes a distance away to pray. He asks God to remove the challenge but only if it is God’s will. Jesus experiences strength from an angel. He gets up and finds the disciples sleeping, not watching in prayer. A crowd approaches led by Judas. Judas greets him with a kiss and thus betrays Jesus. Other disciples ask is this the time to fight and one cuts off the ear of a slave of the high priest. Jesus tells them no more fighting and heals the severed ear.

He challenges the officers of the temple police why they come as if Jesus is a common bandit when he has been teaching openly in the temple where they have not touched him but instead come in the cover and power of darkness.

Collect for Evening Prayer

On the lake
Lake Mulwala NSW  L Osburn
O God whose trustworthiness existed from the start and has never failed, help us to stop looking for “fulfilment of your promise” but know it has already been done. You have already given your son for our salvation. You have already set things up so that we may be free. Lead us to your word. Lead us to Christ so that we might see aright and fully grasp that our liberation is in doing your will with your timing through Jesus Christ our saviour and the guidance of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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