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31 January 2016


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Sunday 31 January 2016 
Morning Prayer 

Psalm 119: 17 – 24

In this section of the psalm is the plea to be taught and to be shown how to live out the commandments daily: how to read and understand scripture. There is a plea for protection against ridicule or harm by others because of our desire to be with and know God.

Luke 5: 12 – 26

Two stories of Jesus’ healing ministry: the healing of a person with leprosy and the healing of a paralysed person. After healing people Jesus withdraws to pray. And in healing he has the authority to forgive sins.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Desert Grass
Broken Hill NSW  L Osburn
 Holy Lord you came to be with us so that we could directly experience you, to be healed and be taught. You changed your message and your delivery to meet our level of comprehension. Help us today to be open to hear your message of love, healing, forgiveness and grace so that we, in full awareness of our nature, can recognise your grace and mercy and sing your praises all our days through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

Sunday 31 January 2016 
Evening Prayer

Jeremiah 1: 11 – 19

God commissions Jeremiah. First God checks what Jeremiah sees – a branch of an almond tree. Then God sends the first vision of a boiling pot tipping away from the north. God explains that turmoil is about to be poured on the land from the north. Jeremiah is to stand up and tell the nations what God commands him to say and God promises personal fortification and protection for Jeremiah in this task against the kings, princes, priests and people of Judah and the land.

Psalm 71: 17 – 24

This psalmist is an older person who has had a life of connection with God. The psalmist asks to continue until God’s might is proclaimed to all generations to come. The psalm is of praise and a plea for deliverance from personal enemies. The psalmist promises to use music to proclaim God and praise God.

Galatians 3: 1 – 14

Paul challenges the Galatians. He asks did they receive the Spirit by obeying the law or by hearing of Christ and believing? If they received the spirit by hearing and believing why then tie themselves to the law: why go backwards? The law does not rely on faith. Once anyone’s will has been confirmed or endorsed, that is all that is needed. 

Abraham believed in God and he is counted to be righteous, this was before the law existed. And God said to Abraham that all people from all nations would be blessed through him. So, those who believe are blessed with Abraham. The law, coming so much later does not annul God’s promise.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Sturt Desert Pea
Broken Hill NSW  L Osburn
Holy Lord you offer and promise a life of connection with you giving us opportunities to proclaim your might and sing your praise. You offer us fortification and blessing when we believe and stand up for you in faith. Be with us this night. Help us to recalibrate our vision and our lives so that we are faith driven and in direct relationship with you through the saving grace of Jesus Christ and your own Holy Spirit. Amen.

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