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24 November 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Tuesday 24 November 2015 
Morning Prayer

Psalms 56 and 57

The first psalm speaks of trust in God who is our salvation and who is with us when we fear the actions of other people. It ends in praise and commitment to faith.

The second psalm again is an appeal for aid against enemies who are compared to lions. The psalm shifts to praise. The psalmist wakes each morning to sing God’s praise, to uplift the soul and to ask God to be exalted in the world: to let God’s glory shine.

2 Kings 23: 16 – 30

King Josiah continues cleaning up the land getting rid of places where others gods and idols are worshipped and sacrificed to and kills the priests. He allows one tomb to be saved. It is for a prophet who told the people what Josiah would do.

He instructs all the people to keep the Passover and this is done in Jerusalem. He then puts away all mediums, wizards and others. King Josiah was the best king doing all this even though the punishment predicted would come.

God’s wrath is not stopped by King Josiah’s actions since Manasseh had so badly provoked God. Indeed King Josiah goes out to meet King Neco of Egypt who is travelling to meet the King of Assyria. King Neco kills King Josiah. Josiah’s body is returned to Jerusalem and properly buried. The people make Jehoahaz, one of Josiah’s sons, the next king.

Mark 1: 40 – 45

A leper comes to Jesus for healing in faith. Jesus sternly warns him to keep the healing quiet and go to the temple, present himself and be recognised as clean then make the appropriate thanks as Moses directed. But the leper tells everyone and therefore Jesus cannot enter a town openly but stays out in the countryside. Still people come to him from everywhere.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Lift up our souls
Mandurah Estuary WA L Osburn
Holy and glorious Lord you lift up our souls, reveal your word and help people come to Jesus in their own ways. Give us the courage and strength to trust in you and your ways regardless of our own judgement about enemies, unavoidable destruction or the motives of others so that we recognise your power, give you thanks and praise and marvel at how you transform us all when we are willing to put our lives in your hands through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Tuesday 24 November 2015 
Evening Prayer

Psalms 60 and 61

The disaster has struck. The people of the country are suffering. As a result attention to God has increased for some who rally like those joining together behind a banner. This psalm is an appeal to God to be with us in the challenge ahead. The psalm ends with “With God we shall do valiantly” (v.


The second psalm is a prayer for protection. God is describes as a rock, a shelter, a hiding place and a great bird under whose wings we are protected.

Ecclesiastes 8: 14 – 9: 6

Since the righteous are sometimes treated as if they are evil and the evil are treated sometimes as if they are the righteous ones, and since all of us die the writer recommends we enjoy ourselves. Once we are dead everything is gone even our loves, hates and envies. While we live we know we will die and there is hope.

Revelation 11: 15 - 19

The seventh angel blows the trumpet. Loud voices proclaim that the world is now the Kingdom of God and God’s Messiah who will reign forever. The 24 elders fall and worship God giving praise that now is the time for judging the dead and rewarding all God’s servants and saints great and small and for destroying those who destroy the earth. Then God’s temple in heaven is opened and the Ark of the Covenant seen within. The noise is like thunder, earthquake and heavy hail.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Protection and comfort
Mandurah Estuary WA L Osburn
Holy and almighty God you are our total protection and comfort. While we are alive give us your hope so that we obey your commandments, worship and praise you no matter what our conditions in the full knowledge that you are our reward both in life and in your eternal kingdom through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

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