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7 October 2015

Wednesday 7 October 2015 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 90

This is a group lament. The psalmist asks that we be satisfied in the morning with God’s steadfast love so that we may rejoice and be glad everyday.

There is a separation from God and a plea that there be as many days connected to God as there have been separation. The psalmist asks for God’s compassion on the people and that the work of human hands may prosper.

1 Kings 21

King Ahab approaches Naboth who owns a plot of land beside Ahab’s dwelling. Ahab wants it for a garden and offers a fair price or a land swap. Naboth refuses since the land is his heritage. Ahab takes to his bed depressed.

Jezebel his wife, finds out what is wrong, scolds Ahab and then using Ahab’s seal sends instructions to others to falsely accuse Naboth and have him stoned. This done she tells Ahab the land is his. He goes out. Elijah appears, sent by God with the message that Ahab, Jezebel and his family will suffer the same fate as Naboth. Ahab repents and puts himself in sackcloth and fasts, genuinely humbling himself. God draws Elijah’s attention to the repentance and changes the sentence on Ahab so that the fate of Naboth will be visited not on him but on his house when his sons are in charge.

Matthew 11: 25 – 12: 8

Jesus praises God for revealing wisdom not to the knowledgeable but those beginning in faith. Christ claims a personal connection with God; God knows him, he knows God and those to whom Jesus reveals God will know God too.

Jesus then says the words of comfort, welcoming those with heavy burdens to come to Him, learn from Him, know that He is gentle and humble and will give us rest, gentle direction and a light burden.

The disciples, hungry go through a wheat field on the Sabbath glean and eat. Some Pharisees see and complain. Jesus reminds them that David and his soldiers did worse by eating the bread of the Presence in the temple, and priests themselves break the Sabbath. God desires mercy not sacrifice and if the Pharisees understood this they would not have condemned the guiltless.

Collect for Morning Prayer

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Harrietville Vic L Osburn
Gentle, compassionate and gracious God you love us so much that you gave us your Son so that when we truly repent all our sins are forgiven – there is no remnant punishment for our offspring. Keep us in the knowledge of your love and grace so that we may come to you through Christ humble, open to learn, and free. Amen.

Wednesday 7 October 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 119: 89 – 104

The psalmist expresses faith in God’s word – commitment to God and the law. The psalm also shows the effect of the scriptures on the psalmist through meditation, understanding and a guide for life.

“If your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my misery” (v.92).

Job 32

Elihu, a young man with the others who has listened to everyone, can bear the lack of an adequate response to Job no more and so, with anger, breaks his silence.

He starts by acknowledging his youth and noting it is God’s spirit within us all that brings understanding not our age. Elihu says he will now give his opinion – he is about to burst!

Colossians 3: 18 – 4: 6

In these instructions of how we behave with each other God’s rule comes first. There is no instruction to be obedient to sinful or harmful actions by anyone. Those in position of power are to show love and mercy and know that God will pay back wrongs done, impartially.

We are to pray, give thanks, pray for Christians who are in prison on account of their faith, conduct ourselves wisely and be efficient, speak graciously to others in thoughtfully, informed not flowery ways.

Collect for Evening Prayer

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St Saviour's Gladstone Qld L Osburn
Holy Lord we give you thanks and praise for your gift of scripture that we may learn and grow. Help us to be gentle and loving with each other and to know that your spirit is in all of us regardless of our age. Help us to read and listen and consider so that when we serve you we do so with courage, boldness, prayer and thanksgiving through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

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*There is a legend of the dogwood

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