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2 October 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 2 October 2015 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 77

The psalmist is deeply distressed, not sleeping at night, feels alienated from God and wonders whether God has gone. He decides to remember all the blessings of the past and the evidence of God’s enduring protection. He ceases moaning and instead gives thanks.

1 Kings 18: 41 – 19: 8

Elijah tells King Ahab to go and eat for soon the rain will come. Elijah kneels on Mt Carmel and prays. He instructs his servant to look towards the sea. On the seventh occasion the servant reports seeing clouds. Elijah tells Ahab to go home for the rain is about to come. Elijah runs to Jezreel before Ahab.

Ahab tells Jezebel his wife what has happened. Jezebel sends a message to Elijah swearing that she will do to him what he did to the prophets before tomorrow. Elijah flees to Beersheba, leaves his servant there and goes into the wilderness. He prays that he may die – he has done enough. He sleeps under a broom tree. An angel wakes him and tells him to eat. There are cakes baked on hot stones and a jug of water. He eats and drinks, lies down again and sleeps. The angel comes again and this time with the food says he needs it for the journey ahead.

Matthew 10: 16 – 27

Jesus warns the disciples of the dangers of going out to heal the sick and cast out demons. When the disciples are accused they are not to worry about what to say but the Spirit will give them the right words. There will be dissent and the tearing apart of families and people.  The disciples will be hated in places. They are to flee when they can. The disciples will be like Jesus but not above Jesus. If they already call Jesus a demon in charge of demons we can expect they will call the disciples something similar.

Then Jesus tells them not to fear anything that happens will be revealed and that they are to proclaim Jesus’ words even to his whispers.

Collect for Morning Prayer

New growth
Harrietville L Osburn
Gracious and loving God we thank you for your care and love. You show through history that you are with us and that when we are distressed through our lives or through the challenges of ministry, of sharing your word, you give us permission to flee, permission to rest, and acknowledge that the way will be tough but that your Holy Spirit is with us guiding our words in your service. Help us today to be fearless and proclaim your word through our speech and our actions through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friday 2 October 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 78: 1 – 15

The psalmist encourages people to tell the stories of God and his relationship with the people to their children, in parables, the old sayings, the history, decrees and miracles so that they will not be stubborn or rebellious.

Job 29: 21 – 30: 15

Job continues to describe how well he was respected and honoured and contrasts that with his current situation. People whose fathers he would not trust to care for his dogs now mock and taunt him. These same people who are outcasts, whose firewood is broom bushes and shelter is a hole in the ground spit on him and do things that seek to provoke him.

Colossians 2: 8 – 15

Paul warns not to allow us to be captured by philosophy or empty deceit or elemental spirits but only according to Christ. In Christ all deity dwells. We have new forms of circumcision, baptism, burial and rebirth. We have been made alive through forgiveness. We do not have to go through the legalistic rules – those were all nailed to the cross. Christ disarmed rules and authorities and triumphed.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Sue's Bridge
Blackwood River WA L Osburn
Holy Lord you show us how to keep the faith and to celebrate Christ’s magnificent gifts to us. Be with us as we reflect on our day. Help us to recognise the opportunities we have had to tell the stories of your great relationship with us; the challenges to stay calm and not be provoked or swayed by those who do not know your loving and saving grace and; the moments where we celebrated our new lives fully forgiven and won by Christ on the cross. So that we can feel your calm and your triumph through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

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