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13 October 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Tuesday 13 October 2015 
Morning Prayer

Psalms 101 and 102: 1 - 11

The first psalm is a statement of commitment to justice and to work hard to live a righteous life. The portion of the second psalm is a lament. The psalmist is unwell and in great pain unable to eat or sleep and tormented by others who suggest God has deserted him.

2 Kings 2: 15 – 3: 3

When the other prophets see Elisha they know the spirit of Elijah rests on him and bow. They offer to send 50 strong men to search for Elijah: Elisha refuses. They prevail upon him until he feels ashamed and allows them to go. They do not find Elijah and he says that he told them not to go.

He stays at Jericho and the people complain that the location is good but the water is bad and therefore the land is unfruitful. He takes a clean bowl, fills it with salt, put it in the water, blesses it in the name of the Lord and with water becomes clean. Later or his way to Bethel small boys come to jeer him saying, “Go away baldhead!” He curses them in the name of the Lord. Two she-bears appear and maul 42 boys. Elisha goes on to Mt Carmel then returns to Samaria. He has the power to bless and curse.

Meanwhile Jehoram son of Ahab rules in Israel. He removes some pillars of Baal but continues to support Israel in worshipping a false god.

Matthew 13: 18 – 30

Jesus explains the parable of the sower. Wheat grains on the path are people who hear of the kingdom, do not understand and their hearts are taken by the evil one. Wheat grains among the rocks are people who respond, hear the message with joy, have no roots and whither when persecution comes on account of the word. Wheat grains among the thorns are those who hear and believe but are troubled by the cares of the world and urge for wealth – their yield is poor. Wheat grains in good soil are those who hear, understand, and produce an unimaginably big yield.

Jesus tells a second parable about a man who sows seeds in a field but at night an enemy comes and sows weeds among the grain. The field then is full of plants and weeds. The servants report to the owner and ask should they take the weeds out? The owner says not to because of the collateral damage on the crop. Wait until the harvest and separate the plants then burn the weeds together and gather the good grain.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Stream in the Karri Forest
WA L Osburn
Holy Lord with you our lives become life-giving springs for others, bringing unimaginable yields. Keep us in your household of the faithful. Keep us open to learning and understanding, prayer, praise, blessing and patience so that we look after all those precious to you and maximise their opportunity to produce a great outpouring of love and faithfulness to you and to others through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Tuesday 13 October 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 102: 12 – 28

This second portion of the lament turns into a hymn of prayer and praise to God. God will look after us; hears our prayers and is eternal.

Job 35: 1 – 36: 4

Elihu continues his response to Job. He asks is Job just? We can all ask how are we better off in what we do. If we sin, what does that do to God? Look around; see how great God and creation is? And if we don’t sin what does that give to God? Our sinning or not sinning does not affect God it affects other humans. Coming to God for judgment and bring our non-sinning as evidence is therefore hollow – it isn’t anything – there’s no case to be heard so saying we are waiting for God to turn up is pointless. God is righteous. Elihu says his words are not false: the one who is perfect in knowledge is already with you.

1 Peter 1: 10 – 17

The ancient prophets revealed things, which applied to their lives, community and future that are also consistent with the Gospel news. So the ancient prophets were not seeking for themselves alone but for people now. So too are things now revealed that the angels did not know.

Peter calls us to be better, disciplined, full of hope in the grace of Christ and seek to be holy. Recognise the Christ within and act from that “You shall be holy, for I am holy” (v.16).

Collect for Evening Prayer

New bush orchid
Karri Forest WA L Osburn
Wonderful and compassionate Lord you are with us always there is nothing we can given you or take from you except recognition, reverence, praise and thanks. Help us to be disciplined and full of hope in the grace of Christ so that we may grow to be holy strengthening our awareness and appreciation of you in us through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

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