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10 September 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Thursday 10 September 2015 
Morning Prayer

Psalm 25

This psalm is a plea for protection from personal enemies. The psalmist asks for guidance and forgiveness and to be taught God’s way and truth. God is asked to guard our lives, deliver us, allow us to have refuge and for our integrity and righteousness preserve us.

1 Kings 8: 54 – 66

Solomon completes his prayer of dedication of the temple, turns and blesses the people. He proclaims that God has fulfilled the promises and prays that God be with the people and never abandon them but incline their hearts to keep the commandments and walk in God’s way. He asks that God hear his prayer and maintain him and the people. He directs all the people to keep God’s commandments.

He then offers sacrifices outside in the courtyard and continues the festival for seven days.

Acts 27: 33 – 44

Paul is on the boat and the crew have not eaten properly for 14 days. He tells them they need to eat and that none of them will lose even a hair from their head. He takes bread, breaks it, gives thanks and eats. Encouraged they all eat. They lighten the ship again by dumping cargo. In the morning they see a bay, cut off their anchors, cut the ropes holding the steering and set a sail. They run aground on a reef and the soldiers want to kill the prisoners to stop them from escaping. The centurion stops them. As the boat breaks up they use planks of wood and swim to safety.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Path - with sign post
Torndirrup National Park WA
L Osburn
 Loving God our refuge and our strength, you fulfil all your promises to us and you give us freedom from sin when we turn to Christ and follow your path. Be with all your faithful people today. Bring them to safety and incline the hearts of all of us to love you, love each other and walk in your way all the days of our lives through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thursday 10 September 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 27

“The Lord is my light and salvation: whom shall I fear?”  The psalmist seeks God’s face, God’s teaching and God’s level path and ends with, “Wait for the Lord: be strong and let your heart take courage: wait for the Lord.”

Job 14

Job poetically speaks of the human condition: we are born, live short lives full of trouble and die. Unlike a tree that can sprout again humans, once dead are gone.

Job asks to be hidden in the place of death until God’s wrath has passed and then for God to call him just to see Job – because God made him. But Job knows this is a fantasy. Mountains crumble, water wears away at stones – everything is impermanent. He challenges that God destroys the hope of mortals. We only ever feel our own pain and mourn really only for ourselves.

1 John 5: 13 –21

The writer concludes by reminding us we have eternal life through Christ. God hears our prayers when we do his will. We are to pray for our brothers and sisters who sin. We are God’s children and God sent Jesus his Son so that we might get understanding and know him and be in Him in truth. Jesus is the true God and eternal life is true.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Windmill water pump
Armadale WA L Osburn
God our refuge, and our shelter in times of trouble and pain, you are the source of all hope and offer us eternal life through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Be with us this night so that we may know that indeed everything is impermanent except you: all things will pass except you. Fill us with your hope, your joy and your courage so that we wait out times of difficulty and bring hope to those around us praying for them and doing your will through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

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