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31 August 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Monday 31 August 2015 
Morning Prayer   

Psalm 83: 1 – 8 (9 – 18)

This plea for protection from enemies comes at a time when Israel is under attack from all the neighbouring peoples. The enemies are enemies of God, making a covenant against God. Direct action from God is requested so that the enemies will come to know the reality and presence of God.

1 Kings 2: 28 - 46

Joab hears of Abiathar’s banishment and seeks protection in the tent of the Lord by the altar. Solomon sends Benaiah to kill him for he killed two righteous people and Solomon does not want that guilt on his house. Joab is buried at his own home. Benaiah becomes commander of Solomon’s army.

Shimei, the one who yelled curses at David, is allowed to live in Jerusalem but no to leave the city. He agrees to this restriction on fear on death. He lives a long time in Jerusalem. One day some of his slaves run away and he goes to search for them and return. Solomon hears. Solomon summons Shimei and reminds him of the conditions. Solomon asks why did Shimei break the conditions and says that given the evil Shimei had done to David, which Shimei knows in his heart, that debt comes back on Shimei. Benaiah executes Shimei.

Solomon’s reign is established.

Acts 23: 12 – 24

Forty Jews plot to assassinate Paul. One of Paul’s relatives hears and reports to Paul in prison. Paul calls the centurion and asks that the relative be allowed to speak with the tribune. The tribune, hearing the plot, tells the young man to tell no one that he talked with him. The tribune orders the centurion to prepare soldiers, spearmen and horses for Paul to leave that night for Caesarea and take Paul safely to the Governor, Felix.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Sunrise through the rain
Mulwala NSW E Byford
Holy and almighty God you know the hearts and actions of all people. You know who has set themselves up as your enemies and enemies of your faithful people. You know too that some in our communities have done the wrong thing and we bear that guilt. Help us today, using the methods we have to detect and contain, to stay calm and to delegate to you, to specialist individuals and to groups of your faithful people so that your mission and purpose of peace, faith hope and love may be secure through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

Monday 31 August 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalms 109: 1 – 5 (6 – 14) 15 – 19

The psalmist is falsely accused and cursed by others. He prays that those who have forgotten compassion, who curse instead of bless receive back what they have done.

Job 6: 14 – 7: 6

Job says his friend’s words provide no respite. They are like dried up desert creeks. They offer hope of refreshment but are empty. He has not asked them to come and fix things for him. He is happy to listen to the evidence that he has done wrong somewhere. He then poignantly describes the hardships of life and its brevity and how, right now, it is hard to see hope.

1 John 1

The writer begins by saying that what is written is evidence-based, directly experienced, so that we may have fellowship with Christians and with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

The key message is that God is light: pure and clear. If we keep sinning but say we live our lives with God we are have no truth. If we live lives according to God we are in fellowship with each other and are washed clean of sin through Jesus’s sacrifice for us.

We are deceived if we say we have no sin. But when we confess our sins Jesus is faithful and just, forgives us and clears us.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Stream in the Karri Forest
WA L Osburn
God of compassion hope and love, all love, all life, all light and all hope comes from you. Stand beside us this night. Protect us, refresh us and restore us as only you can so that we look only to you for comfort and for judgement knowing that when we repent, you have already forgiven us, washed the guilt away and offer us abundant life in your love through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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