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7 July 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Tuesday 7 July 2015 
Morning Prayer   

Psalm 19

The sky in silence, every day and every night shows us that God is magnificent. God’s commandments are magnificent. They are right, they delight the heart, they are simple, they are more precious than gold. And the commandments warn us – but can we ever truly detect all our own faults? David asks for help so that he does not commit presumptuous sins*. He finishes with:

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, O Lord my rock and my redeemer.”

1 Samuel 26

Ziphites come to Saul and tell him where David dwells. Saul brings a force of three thousand into the wilderness to seek David. David hears and goes to where he can see Saul’s camp. David and one other go into the camp at night and into Saul’s tent. Abishai offers to kill Saul. David forbids it. They steal Saul’s sword and water jar. No one wakes.

They go some distance away and call to Abner, Saul’s head of security. David challenges Abner on his pride. He is merely a man and should have kept a proper watch over the king. David says someone has come in, who could kill the king and therefore Abner’s dereliction of duty is punishable by death. David displays the king’s spear and water jar that was at his head.

Saul comes out. Again they talk about why Saul pursues David without cause. If God stirred Saul to do this David will make a sacrifice but if it is people, who are they to make David leave and go to a country that does not worship God? Saul repents and welcomes David back. David says for someone to be sent to get the sword and water jar. David says that the Lord rewards righteousness and since he did not kill Saul, may God bless him. Saul blesses David and calls him son. Both go back to where they live.

John 3: 22 – 36

Jesus and the disciples go out into Judah and Jesus is baptising people. Meanwhile John the Baptist is also baptising in another place. John’s disciples come to John to tell him about what Jesus is doing. John says first, no one can receive anything unless it comes from heaven. Second that he already told everyone that he is not the Messiah. John compares himself to the best man at a wedding: he isn’t the bridegroom and he rejoices. His joy is fulfilled. John knows too that like the best man, his power and influence has to decrease.

John says explicitly that Jesus is above all, is sent by God, gives freely of the Spirit, tells the truth and is not believed. Those who believe know that God is true. The Father loves the Son and has placed all things in his hands. The Son brings eternal life to those who believe.

Collect for Morning Prayer

Cape Leeuwin Light House
WA 2014 L Osburn
 Lord of earth and sea and sky you appoint some of us for particular roles. We may or may not be aware of that appointment and so with David we pray, may the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart and all my actions be acceptable to you O Lord so that I fulfil my appointed role through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

Tuesday 7 July 2015
Evening Prayer

Psalm 119: 1 – 16

This portion of the psalm celebrates those who know and follow the laws of God. The psalmist asks to be taught and to be assisted to follow these laws.
“I will delight in your statutes; I will not forget your word” (v 16).

Micah 2

Micah prophesies the destruction to come and challenges the false preachers. Their message of comfort is false and is as absurd and just as palatable to the people as preaching that wine and strong drink is good. Utter ruin is coming.

There is a picture of the remnant of Israel being restored.

Galatians 3: 1 – 14

Paul challenges the Galatians. He asks did they receive the Spirit by obeying the law or by hearing of Christ and believing. If they received the spirit by hearing and believing why then tie themselves to the law: why go backwards? The law does not rely on faith. Once anyone’s will has been confirmed or endorsed, that is all that is needed. 

Abraham believed in God and he is counted to be righteous, this was before the law existed. And God said to Abraham that all people from all nations would be blessed through him. So, those who believe are blessed with Abraham. The law, coming so much later does not annul God’s promise.

Collect for Evening Prayer

Blackwood River
WA 2014 L Osburn

Merciful, loving and saving God you have given us the law as a guide. But the greater gift you have given is Christ who has broken our bondage to the law. Build and strengthen us in faith, in hope and in trust so that we live our lives in your continuous blessing through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

*Presumptious sins are:
1.     When we do know better
2.     When we deliberately plan to do it or keep nurturing the thought about doing it, or have built up a habit of a particular sin
3.     Sinning to show total disregard for God
4.     Thinking that we are immune from a particular type of sin because we are strong or “able to manage it”. This is risky.
And, “I’ll repent tomorrow…” presumes a tomorrow.
REV. C. H. Spurgeon 1857

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