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3 July 2015


Prayers developed from the daily readings 

Friday 3 July 2015 
Morning Prayer   

Psalm 9

This psalm is a song of thanks and praise for the demise of past enemies and the eternal presence of God. The Lord is the security for oppressed people and that means individuals too. The psalmist moves to a prayer for individual help. The psalm ends asking God to “let the nations know that they are only human” (v.20).

1 Samuel 24: 8 – 25: 1

David leaves the cave, goes towards King Saul, calls out to him, “My Lord and King” and does obeisance to him when Saul acknowledges his presence. David challenges Saul why he listens to those who say David seeks to harm him. He shows Saul the corner of his cloak. It is clear to Saul that David chose not to kill him. David calls on God to be the judge and for God to do any avenging. David asks why Saul chases him, someone of less worth than a dead dog. Was it some small irritation – is he hunting down a flea?

Saul recognises David’s voice, weeps and admits that David is more righteous than he is. David has repaid evil with good. Saul recognises that David will indeed one day be king and not because he seeks to take the throne. Saul has David promise that he will protect Saul’s family now and in the future. Saul returns home and David goes back to his stronghold.

Samuel dies and all Israel assembles and mourns.

Acts 15: 12 – 21

Barnabas and Paul are in Jerusalem talking with the leaders there. They tell of the signs and wonders God has done with the people from other nations. When they finish James, the brother of Jesus asks those assembled to recall past teaching and scripture that says God will set things up for people from other nations to seek Him and be called by His name. James then says that all that is required is that they refrain from things polluted by idols, and fornication – rules set down by Noah therefore covering all nations. Moses has people since he has been read in every synagogue every Sabbath. That is not lost.

Collect for Morning Prayer

All of us are precious
Wagga NSW 2015 T Whittaker
 Holy Lord we praise and thank you for every time enmities and controversies end, when we recognise our humanity and frailty and peace can be restored. Enable us today to focus on your eternal presence and how precious all of us are in your sight so that we and all we do can be a blessing and freedom to others through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and the power of your Holy Spirit in our hearts. Amen.

Friday 3 July 2015 
Evening Prayer

Psalm 10

The psalm begins describing how arrogant wicked people are: how they think God does not see them and that they can get away with anything. But God does see. God will hear the meek and give them strength and provide justice for the orphan and oppressed so that people on earth will “strike terror no more” (v.18).

Sirach 44: 1 – 15

Let us sing the praise of truly great people. Some were rulers with great counsel, valour and intelligence. Some were prophets wise in their instruction and leading the people through their understanding. Some were musicians and composers. Some were rich who lived in peace. All were honoured in their time and remembered now. Some are not remembered and neither are their families.  But they too were righteous and their wealth resides in their offspring and can never be blotted out.

Sirach names Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Galatians 1: 11 – 24

Paul tells the Galatians his story to verify his credibility. Paul was a persecutor of Christians. He received his gospel direct from a revelation of Christ. He did not go to Jerusalem to learn the gospel from the people there. Instead it was three years before he went there. When he eventually went to Jerusalem Peter (Cephas in Aramaic) and Jesus’s brother James were the people he met and only for a fortnight. Paul comes with the direct knowledge from Jesus.

Collect for Evening Prayer

On the Silver City
Broken Hill NSW
2015 L Osburn
Holy, almighty wonderful God we give you thanks and praise. You see us all and know the righteous and good and you bless them and their families. You alone can turn the heart of someone who brings persecution and terror to be one of your great apostles and missionaries. Strengthen us in the days to come to be your truly great people working for your glory, your peace and your kingdom through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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